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tv   Fox 5 News Special Weather Edition  FOX  February 6, 2010 6:30pm-10:00pm EST

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wisconsin avenue. you can see a couple of cars making it up and down the road, although the roads do not look great. you certainly don't see any pavement, that is for sure. a couple of people milling now. the big question now, now that the snow is out of here, it looks like the wind is out of here. the drop in temperatures and the freezing which can turn what that looks like perhaps passible into treacherous in a heart beat. let's go down to sue palka for another live update from center. sue, i think ice is a big concern overnight. >> as the temperatures drop. i was listening to governor o'malley talking about that. that is a big concern because we probably will see some single digits in our area tonight and maybe about 12 or 13 degrees here in the district. so, yes, a lot of that very wet snow is going to get crunchy, crusty. what was the word brian used earlier? a little crunchy. that will make things a bit more treacherous. it's going to be one of those cycles as we melt this down where every night we'll have melting and black ice forming again. we'll all be on our best guard doing our safest driving as we
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venture out on to the roads the next couple of days. you mentioned a few minutes ago before the break that this is a record setting storm. i suspected it could be. it's not the biggest storm we've ever had. it still remains 1922. it was a 28-incher. february 13 and 14th. february 1979 is our third greatest snow 18.7. but this one the blizzard 2010 is number four, comes in at 17.8 inches, greater than what we saw in february 2003. then falling into i think there's 1983 storm that's barely big and our december storm came in at 16.4. we basically have had two storms in the top ten this winter alone and so far this winter, 53.6 inches of snow making it our second snowiest winter ever challenging for first place. where is that snow now? the warnings have been
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canceled. the snow on trueview is moving away. there's still a little bit left at the beaches. i know that's really been blowing around quite a bit. our storm is going to pull out the sea and the winds will also continue to get better. let's check those wind gusts back on the max system right now. yes, they are definitely improving. we're not picking up any gusts at reagan. we have a few in the upper teens to low 20s. you see down at leonardtown 21. salisbury 23. so that is much better. visibility problems won't be an issue with that. tonight clearing skies. burbs will fall into the single digits. 12 degrees downtown with winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15. quite a windchill as well even though it's not a powerful wind. tomorrow a few clouds early on, cold but mostly sunny in the afternoon and 29 degrees. we're looking ahead toward the five-day forecast. we'll show that to you within the next hour. it does include maybe a chance for a ttle bit more snow. not a historic snow, that's for sure. back up to brian and will. >> it sure seems like this blew out of here quick. are you surprised by that?
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>> believe it or not, will, i think this thing has been unbelievably obedient. we kind of did a time line for you with things going downhill in the afternoon but heaviest accumulation from sunset last night to sunrise this morning. another additional six inches during the day and winding down. we said between 5 and 6 and that what has happened. really it's almost shocking how good the models have been with some of these storms, especially when we get within 24 hours. all of them agreed they were printing out 2 inches plus of liquid at times 3 inches. even if you do a 10-1 snow to liquid equivalent, we were looking at a 20 to 30-inch snowstorm. it's just shocking. you can't believe this is really happening in d.c. look at those drifts. amazing pictures. looks like a moonscape. >> it's a live picture in bowie. we were just talking about that a moment ago. it really sort of coincides with your headline you just gave us, the fourth greatest snowfall on record. sue palka live in the weather
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center. thank you. let's get to the big issue out there which is the power outages. about 140,000 was the last word we got a few minutes ago from maryland governor martin o'malley. in maryland we have on the phone right now thomas graham i believe with pepco. mr. graham, can you update us on the situation and the difficulties that you're having getting the powerturned back on for people? >> right now we have about 102,000 customers that are out of service. the jormt of those customers are in montgomery county -- the majority of those customers are in montgomery county. the number is just shy of 80,000. another 12,000 or so in prince george's county and about 7700 in the district of columbia. the challenges we face happen to be the number of down wires that we have. so we've reported several hundred down wires during the course of the day. access to areas to do repairs has been very challenging and that's why we have not seen the
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number of outages resolved, a significant number of outages resolved thus far. tomorrow although crews will be working through the night, tomorrow we hope to make a dent in it but i need to be lear with everyone. this will be a multi-day event. >> i understand that getting to the side roads, these back alleys, especially in the district where a lot of these wires are run, it's just very difficult tonight and especially the conditions deteriorate with cold temperatures. it's really going to get icy. your crews will continue at it, though. >> we'll continue at it and we'll continue at it each day, each hour until every customer is restored. we look at this not as a pepco event but this as a community event. and we're all impacted and we understand what our role is and we take it very seriously. we're working closely with the government. they are providing us with assistance and clearing some roadways which is critical. one key point for our customers
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s you see a down wire, report it and stay away from it. that represents a significant safety issue which we're really concerned about the health of our custers. >> thomas graham with pepco. the headline of this interview is those without power could perhaps be experiencing a multi- day event. you need to prepare accordingly. if you thought you were going to stick it out tonight, keep in mind that the temperatures are just going to plummet. it's going to get to about 50 degrees or less in your house and you might want to try to make other plans. we say that but realize how difficult it is to get families in the car, to even get to your car in the front door. there's going to be a lot of suffering and misery. >> this is the time if you have power to reach out to your friends who may not and say look, my couch is available. come on over and have a hot bowl of soul. matt ackland is ustreaming. he's live via ustream in
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northeast. matt, good evening. >> reporter: we're now on 44th street. it's kind of a back road. what you're looking at right in front of me is an ambulance and then behind it there, let's step out of the car here so maybe we can get a closer look. we'll walk slowly here. that's a fire engine there. it looks like maybe they could be stuck. it's really, really heavy snow here. the snow has been cleared but there's still a god inch on this side stre here. that's pretty much the case all around northeast. we're not too far away from the scene where that church collapse happened earlier today but as you can see, there's an ambulance here. the ambulance doesn't look stuck but it appears maybe the fire truck is but we can't be for sure at this point. maybe they're answering a call, but if you look down, you can kind of point down to the snow. you can see how thick it is. i'll even walk here in front of it and just give you an idea. this has already been plowed through here. as you can see as cars come
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through -- take a look at the ambulance. they've already got some chains on the tires. that's pretty much the example of all the tire and rescue equipment we see on the roads today. so that's just a peek here on 44th street northeast. a lot of cars are getting stuck and one thing is for sure, it's also getting colder out here. >> one question for you. you've been driving around all day today. have you seen some of these residential roads that are kind of back off the grid a little bit and do you have a sense there are roads out there that are completely impassable? >> reporter: i don't know. i have to say in d.c., brian, they're doing a real good jo of getting some of these side streets taken care. last hour we are inside one of the snowplows and they were going on a grid trying to take care a lot of these side
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streets throughout the district. but a couple of them are impassable. the really, really small roads here, some of them appear to -- it's just impossible to get even. maybe a four by four truck up there. but for the most part i'm really, really impressed by what the district ddot is doing today. they're tackling not only the major roads but some of these side roads as well. >> certainly good to hear. as you guys are cruising around in your station suv, how difficult is it to sort of manage the roads, even the winds that have been cleared? >> reporter: it's pretty hard. in fact, driving without this suv that we have would be impossible. in fact, joe, my photographer this morning, just to make it easier for us to get around, he put some salt in the back -- the back part of the suv along with an old heavy television set. and it sure was a smart thing
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to do because it's allowing us to get down some of these roads that a lot of folks can't get down. brian, if you take a look to the left, you were just asking me about some of these streets. that's one of them right there. that's banks place northeast. there's no way we could even get up that street there. it hasn't even been plowed. a couple of cars covered with snow there. there's no way they're getting out any time soon until the city comes along and plows away there. >> your audio is about 15 seconds ahead of your video so now we're just seeing that street that you were mentioning. that's kind of would i was getting at. i'm curious to know and you anecdoteally are out and about, how many streets that look like that where you cannot even get a four-wheel drive down that street. >> reporter: i wouldn't say a lot of streets but this is one example. i've been qte impressed with what the district has done so far. it really seems like they're out and about trying to clear
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everybody's roads. the mayor was sayng earlier today just be patient. we're working as fast as we can. we have a huge job butbe patient. we're doing the best to get the street out in front of your house, no matter where you live in the district. >> it's certainly good to hear your kudos. of course matt and i bo live in the district. you and i would both agree it's a far cry from what it used to be many, many years ago. >> reporter: it's gotten a lot better. it sure has. i think the mayor is really making it a priority because so many people in the past have complained. it takes just simply too long for the roads out in front of their houses to be cleared. and it seems like they're spending a whole lot of money but that's a sure thing. they're spending a lot of money, especially this winter. but at least folks can get around. the hope is that tomorrow will be a day where they can really clear the roads through outthe district and possibly we could have things moving by monday. the mayor made no promises today. all he said is that he hopes that they can get the roads
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clear in time for monday rush hour. >> all right, matt ackland reporting live via his ustream right on his mobile phone. you can dot same if you want to download the ap. you can shoot us your url to and be one of our weather watchers out there. that is just the city, as you well know. you get out to the suburbs and it's -- kind of get into the sticks a little bit and plows won't see those streets for a couple of days. >> in fact via ustream were showing a home in waldorf, a woman named maria was on the phone with our dave ross in the web center. she was saying it's going to take days to dig out of this mess. they got hit much harder than the district. a live picture of the u.s. capitol. back to a traffic land shot of connecticut avenue in the heart of georgetown. the blizzard of 2010 coverage continues right after a break. stay with us.
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you can see there are parking lots where a plow has made it through. that's the result when it gets piled up to either side. you have one cleared lane. we'll see these piles for weeks owned unless mother nature helps us out for a little bit. >> when the plows come through, your cars get the worst of it. let's go to the fox 5 member center. dave ross, you've been talking all day long about enter factive and -- interactive and how views are -- viewers are saying their stories. bah are you -- what are you seeing? >> reporter: it's been changing all day long. it's incredible. its a not just the ustreams which have been great. through the ustreams, we've had over 40 that we have posted right now which has given us at fox the chance to basically
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have 40 morissettes of eyes -- more sets of eyes besides the reporters with have out on the streets and help us be interactive with our coverage. not only are you seeing the ustreams when you go to our home page but also we've had over one million page views alone already today. not just on ustreams but also on the photos tab. you see the headlines. also, here's one you should try. we encourage you to click around here and check it out. the off beat tab. if you click on that, you'll see some things just a little bit off the beaten path. here's one. this is -- we do not encourage this at home but this is what one gentleman in mount airy decided to do. he actually posted this video you're seeing oour web page. you'll see here in a minute, brian, i know you're adventurist. this is basically a deck jump. it shows how much snow they have out there in mount airy. watch this gentleman take it
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away. that's pretty creative. we like the snow angle. good fun. make sure you have plenty of snow if you try something like that. that's what you're going to get when you go to the oddball section. it's helped us expand our coverage. we want to thank you and encourage you to continue to do that. >> did i hear you correctly, a million page hits just today? >> reporter: can you believe that? we had a million five yesterday throughout the whole 24-hour period. already today over a million. i think we're going to eclipse what we did yesterday. >> dave ross in the weather center. we have on the phone with us scott graham with the montgomery county fire department i believe working a barn collapse in poolesville. mr. graham, what can you tell us? >> we received a call for a barn collapse in the sugarland
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road area. there are animals that are trapped inside the barn. and this is something we were anticipating as far as the weight and the snow loads, building collapses. and unfortunately it's begun to appear here in the poolesville area. >> how are the animals doing? >> right now we've done a quick visual on the animals inside the barn. we -- there are possibly ten in there. because of the type of collapse, we do have a response from our urban search and rescue team enroute to the site and we'll do a further evaluation as far as, you know, the safety of entering, shoring the structure and potentially removing animals from the structure for them. >> we've had two roof collapses down in prince william county.
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we've had two in the district that we know of. is this the first in your county and what sort of other issues are you seeing primarily the big issues that you're seeing? >> reporter: well, this the first structure collapse that we have been dispatched on thus far. we're going to -- like i said, we're anticipating with any subsequent snow, it's very possible we may have more as the snow melts, anything additional weather wise, more snow. unfortunately this is one of the down falls of a snow of this magnitude. >> scott graham, montgomery county fire and ems. just to recap, a barn collapsed in the poolesville area, the sugarland road area. there are at least ten animals inside. sounds like firefighters are trying to gain access right now.
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want to go out to bowie, maryland. wisdom martin is standing by in the parking lot of a shopping center. wisdom? >> reporter: we're here in the safeway at the bowie town center. you can see that they are ut here working on this area. they've been out here working on this area for several hours. this store is still open. it's been open for several hours. it's actually been open all day. we have no idea when they're going to close. the manager says he's going to lay it by ear. they're working on the parking lot. that's happening all over the bowie town center. they're driving the snowplow, trying to push the snow out of the way. they have customers coming in. some customers are walking. some are driving their cars. a couple streaming here and there, going inside the store picking up essential items. it has stopped snowing in bowie like it has over the rest of the area. they are plowing like they are in the other parts of this region. here are some of the problems that may crop up. since the temperature is cold obviously, the problem is even though they have plows -- plowed this area, if you look on the ground, i don't know if you can see it but it looks really shiny.
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that that's because there's ice there. even though they have plowed this area, if you're out here driving around, you're still going to have problems with traction when you're pulling into these parking lots and driving on these roads. you may even have some problems if if you're walking to the store or anywhere in the area. even though this may look clear, you may run into problems where the roads or walkways are pretty slippery and it may causes situations where you may fall. even though the storm is gone, you have to be prepared with the aftermath and that's dealing with all the snow and itself ice. >> wisdom, it's will here. let me just ask you staying on the isotopic, if you could give us a look at the snow, is the texture starting to change? is it starting to crystallize and ice up? >> reporter: let's go over here and take a look. this is some of the snow that's been pushed to the side. it's been there for a while. so you can see the more they stack it up on top of each other, the harder it gets. i'm going to stand on it to give you some idea. i'm not a big guy but i'm a tall guy. you should he that?
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>> it's really holding your weight. >> reporter: they're stacking it up on the side of the roads and some people's driveways. that's the problem. it hardens once it's all together like that that's going to be a big issue as well. >> that's exactly what people are going to have to deal with when they dig out their cars, especially the side streets. that kind of hard pack is going to build up. >> following a lot of you on twitter. you can hit us up, of course. as people come out and experience what's going on, we're seeing reports of sledding injuries out there. some people got hurt in snowball fights. you've got to recognize you've got to take care of yourself right now because the emergency crews are having a real hard time getting to you. so you're going to have to be proactive and take care of yourself. >> as we go to break, a live picture of reagan national airport. a clear evening as the snow has
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passed but our coverage of the blizzard of 2010 far from over. stay with us. i love winter. with my subaru forester and its all-wheel drive... ... handling even the toughestonditions... is just another day at the beach.
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i am a pink warrior because i want to see an end to this disease. register today for the komen 3-day for the cure, because everyone desers a lifetime. the cleanup begins. a couple of big snowball fights today. one in frederick maryland, seeing another one, a lot of folks continuing via social networking sites like twitter and facebook. one planned for 2:00. i know a few folks that went down. maybe they can tell us. >> reporter: it was pretty intense stuff. built as the great snowball fight. folks started to gather about noon and they fought with the snowballs for several hours. take a look at what it looked like during some of the most
6:56 pm
intense action. several hundred people gathered. maybe a housand people. all throwing snowballs at each other. first, it was the north side of the circle out there against the south side. it was a spontaneous burst of fun. folks stayed here for several hours today. as i mentioned, it was all about the strategy. take a listen. >> as they showed up, we have different fractions breaking out. that is a lot of fun. it will be fun. >> you can see her right now. just complete out there. they get that right here and you've got to be able to protect them. so you get out there and that will be able to throw there that is pretty exciting. >> certainly making folks see the fun side it did die out late this afternoon about 4:00 or
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so. many of the folks said they heard about it on the internet. on craig's list, on facebook. one of the only few places to gather here. so many of them just decided to stop and throw snowballs. roby chavez, fox 5 news. now back to you. >> darren was out there with shields on each arm which is very smart. >> yeah, thinng ahead. this is the kind of fighting that i like. if they were trying that now as the snow is hardening, you would have the black eyes. >> for the records as far as we know, no guns at any of the snow fights today. another one at the hil park. 16thnd euclid. they had a lot of fun out there as well. they gathered and threw snowballs at each other. tkpwhr yeah, that's my neighborhood -- >> yeah, that's my neighborhood. gorgeous. like a little central park. a live look right now at i-395 north. it looks like folks, they are taking the warnings pretty seriously and staying off the
6:58 pm
road. >> you can see one lane, one pavement. and the rest, a little sketchy. our continuing coverage of the blizzard 2010 as the traffic camera pans down to the deep snow bank continuing from the other side.
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take a live look outside. you've seen this a coup -l of times down in georgetown. listening in on twitter here to one of the friends of the area. and who is out of power and just got the news unfortunately. because i think i may have broken into it via twitter. that could be a multiday event. sending that out to everybody saying they are opening up in 1999, a bottle and an offering to the storm tkpwoádz. all he wants for dinner is this 120 bolts back. sending a picture out. keeping our fingers crossed, keeping a good attitudewith it. he knows that it is probably
7:01 pm
his time. the neighbors have power but he doesn't. that's the story, you know, hit or miss around there. you can see the people out there enjoying themselves as some people are sitting in the dark in the cold. >> they want the 120 bolts. but instead, he'll drink his $120 worth of wine there. possibly more for them. >> will have been, standing by, we're going to tag team weather right now. a lot of folks are wondering, look, it's the 4th greatest snowfall for them on record. a little more than 17.5 inches. and boy, in southern eastern, maryland, like double that. >> and you know what happened, first of all, a lot of people complained that they are taking it out. there it's close to the potomac river. but there's one central location and there are observers on duties that could take those measurements. years ago, it was taken in the city. that was today's snow totals. we did get eight inches out at reagan yesterday. and they are still coming in around 25 inches too, the storm total and what people are measuring in their yards. so if they are sticking the yardstick in and coming up with 25 and 30 inches. and they are absolutely correct to find that out.
7:02 pm
we've been getting so many reports in to my fox. and into the e-mails and thank you so much. you've been great. and been a terrific asset to our team reporting on this amazing storm. 29 inches there and in virginia. how about 24 inches there? 28.5 inches. we go to river dale, maryland. these are 22 foot snows that are real common for them. and a couple that just got off the e-mail, keeping a close eye on things. 31 inches down there. right at 66 and 29. thank you so much, sitkwra. reagan officially putting it in 4th place. maryland in terms of the top 10 snowstorms. at 23 inches for them and virginia, 29 inches. bill in hills borrow, virginia, had 28 inches.
7:03 pm
they announced with eight to ten inches and that snow is winding down, they seem to be getting a lot better in many locations. for me, having been here since the blizzard of 1996, that is still sacred to me. i have been right around the station in northwest dc. i can't wt to see what it looks like when i eventually get home. not sure when that will be yet. but wow, quite a bit to watch. here is the storm exiting out of the region. and the last strong band, pushing from northwest to southeast across the region this morning. but now, it's out of here. look at the clearing skies and it will be real cold for them. in that part of the weather story, going down to the fox 5 weather center. we know that the winds are not as bad as they could be? >> it's what we have been talking about for the last couple of hours now for real cold temperatures, with that clearing sky.
7:04 pm
i'm kind of surprised that they have cleared so quickly. we're going to keep a very close eye on these temperatures overnight tonight. and you know, it's een cold all day. yesterday, we were a little warmer. as we started getting on the backside of the storm system, it actually was able to reach up and grab the colr temperatures and bring them in. so if you were really paying attention and you followed that type of things and judging from everybody that we have had, commenting in on our yacht room and the internet and all the e-mail that we have been getting, there are a lot of you that are weather watchers for us, starting off with kind of that real wet snow. and then by late, late last night, early this morning, as we begin to get on the backside of the storm and drag in the colder temperatures, we went over to a drier snow. so it is really wet out there at the beginning stages for them and they kind of of dried out through that area. the winds are still blowing though. the winds are going to be blowing, still for the next several hours. probably until 2:00 to 3:00 in the morning until they settle
7:05 pm
down for a little bit. the windchill factors are dropping down, into the teens and we could have some single digits in the suburbs overnight tonight. 12 here in the city which means everything will be frozen solid out there. and the salt is not going to work overnight tonight. so by the time we get up to tomorrow, a couple of hours for the sun to come out and allow them to begin to at least melt off, just a little bit. winds out of the northwest. they will settle down a little bit for them overnight tonight. so now finally for tomorrow, we're back into the sunshine. temperatures though, they will be only up t 29 degrees or so. and winds out of the northwest, up to 15 miles per hour. we'll have a few clouds out there. but it looks like we'll be in for a lot of sunshine. so cold tomorrow. mostly sunny. so we had a couple of good days of sunshine here. temperatures, they are going to warm up very nicely. and look at the morning lows for the next several hours. and we're easily going to be down into the teens.
7:06 pm
tuesday, wednesday, there's another storm system for them. and it does look like it's going to have a chance of bringing us some more snow. and there is no way that you're going to have me throw out any projected snowfall amounts with that particular storm system, with that one. but temperatures will be right on the bubble for that, okay? so we may actually have, which we didn't have mu in the city in terms with mixing in this storm. but we may have a little bit of the mix in there. so let's hope that it is more of a mix and left of the snow. but at this point, ith so much snow on the ground already with a couple of more, what is that basically? we need to get some warmer temperatures in here. let me say too, that we are falling back into this pattern. maybe we'll explain it more coming up into the next hour. but we are going to be back in a cold pattern now for the next couple of weeks. and probably right on through the rest of february. and what is happening earlier, you remember that december, we had the big storm for them. and we were cold. ted warming up a little bit. we had the big storm. it looks like we're falling back into the very cold pattern. as that happens, it will
7:07 pm
suppress our ability to have more of these snowstorms for them coming out along. so that is one little good news for them there. but it will be cold. and let's wait and see. late february and into march, as we start crawling back into more of a normal pattern for them and what happens. and just know, that it will be there for them for the next few weeks. >> and we won't get more snow for them perhaps, not to this level. but it means that snow is not going to melt so fast. >> and you know that it will be there and you're looking at the five-day forecast for them. and so maybe we're not going to have a melting, freezing, melting, freezing, you know, which is exactly what they will be seeing on the road. people need to get back to work next week. >> yes. the ice is the real big issue for them overnight. >> let's get a check at the airports. they are joining us on the phone. courtney, it's will and brian. good to talk to you on the air. i talked to you on the phone all the time. >> hi, how are you guys? >> we're good. give us the low down. you sort of see reagan and dallas. and i know that a lot of stranded, perhaps disappointing
7:08 pm
passengers. >> not as many people stranded asyou would think. the airlines, they did a really good job of canceling their flights early. and letting their passengers know about it yesterday. so we didn't have as many people stuck in the airports overnight. as you would expect a storm of this magnitude. so that was one good b of news. but all flights were canceled at both dallas and reagan international today. and flights will continue to be canceled until further notice. now that the snow has stopped, we'll start cleaning it up. >> what kind of ripple affect will it have? >> reporter: it is going to have an affect all across the country. the whole air traffic system is so intersected. any time you have a disconnection at one airport, it has a domino affect. this storm is so huge that it impacted airports all over the east coast, not just us. so it's going to take a few days to get everything back to normal >> we understand the roof of the private jet hanger there that partially collapsed, what can
7:09 pm
you tell us about that? >> it happened around 8:00 this morning that caused it to collapse. it did damage several aircrafts housed inside. but we're fortunate that no people were injured in the accident and the building has been condemned at this time. >> did you have a sense of the aircrafts? did they take them to other places to make surethat they stay warm and out of the snow? >> hopefully. we only have a handful of aircrafts at both airports. yesterday morning was very busy for us as people were trying to book flights ahead of this storm and to get on their way. once we get everything cleaned up and the air tpaoáeldz open, we'll start to get back to normal. if you are scheduled to fly tomorrow, then you need to check with your airlines before you head out to the airport, just to see if your flight is back on
7:10 pm
schedule or not. >> it sounds like the outlook is really unknown. dullless -- we're talking about a roof collapse at the church there. two roof collapses it in dc. t in prince william county. and it is not just the roof collapsing, karen, as you have made it very clear. there are ruptured gas lines to go along with it, getting the emergency ap rat teus down the street -- apparatus out there on the streets. this crew pretty much wrapped up what they needed to do. and they needed to dig a hole and turn the gas supply off. now, when this roof collapses on the church, then the temple first born for them on the
7:11 pm
church, it ruptured the gas line and did some pretty horrific damage to the church which is a historic landmark for them in this neighborhood. everything in the middle is just about gone. we do have some video for you earlier in the day when it was an active scene from the department here. and they brought a dog to the area to sniff around and to ke sure that there were no casualties. the biggest issue for them that this church does just fell out there. fortunately, no one was inside the building when it caved in. slowly there needed to be something large. so yeah, i read that. no life lost. actually, the guys, they were ready to dig out for
7:12 pm
the service tomorrow. and so we are just greatful that it did not happen. and no loss in life. >> reporter: well, we're back out here live. people that go to this church, the congregation, some of them would be here tomorrow. if they do nothing but stand outside. and their church and prayers will be here for some sort of sunday service. and they will be back on wednesday when they have bible service. they are just glad that no one was inside that building. all right, thank you. and he said look, just wish you would say we're grateful no one was inside. for a little while, they didn't know. they needed to search the perimeter. another collapse we brought to you just a short time ago. pulling the sugarland road area. and it is a barn that collapsed, there were animals inside, at least ten were told at montgomery county fire and ems officials tell us that their search and rescue people are at least going inside to see if they could assess the damage
7:13 pm
and perhaps rescue those animals from the collapse. >> two other roof collapses in prince william county. one at the dale city ice rink. no one inside. obviously significant damage. and also no one hurt. but again, indicative of how heavy the snow is and what we're facing. we're going to take a break. heavy and wet. as we go to break, a live picture of 495 at new hampshire. fox live coverage of the blizzard at 2010 continues right after this. 
7:14 pm
7:15 pm
welcome back. we continue to try to give you a perspective of what it looks like outside as u're inside hopefully watching us and staying warm. >> we have what we have dubbed rover one, matt with his iphone. i understand your battery is
7:16 pm
going dead, so you should have brought your charger with you. but how is it loong? >> thank you, brian. and i didn't have one. i don't usually travel that often in my car. but listen, hey, you might be able to tell where we are. we are right close to china town, here you can see the gates to welcome you into china town, downtown. boy, 8th street looks really good. the plows have been coming along here quite a bit. but you can see there is just a thin layer of snow/ice on the road. so if you give your brakes a good chance, you'll be able to slide a bit. the one thing that's concerning, we're seeing it all over the district. all the people that are just saying the heck with it, it's saturday night. we're going out anyway and we're going to walk in the middle of the street. the sidewalks, they are not clear yet. but yeah, they are right in the middle of the street. there are some close eyes.
7:17 pm
driving all throughout the district. and in fact, seeing the accident happen right in front of us where someone pulled into someone else's lane and the car had to veer off the road. and then, it hit right into a snow bank. and it looked like the guy was okay, fortunately. but it is very slippery in spots. i think at this point that the salting has been done and they are getting that out there for them. and that is a huge project. and it is going to take time. and before the mayor for them. and that the crews, they are working and they have been working in overtime throughout the last couple of days, they are doing their best. it's just a lot of ground to cover. and they are doing the best that they could with what they have. >> the guy that is running at you. and what you have on tv right now. they might be making you to watch it from the nearby business. and we're going right back now.
7:18 pm
and that is the best front with one of my favorites, heading down. they just decided to do that for them and the last five guys. and they take that over the plows with the hard working guys, the two plows off of them. you can see the work, taking place for them downtown. and the last couple of live shots that we have showed you and the neighborhoods as well. and northwest, northeast. the larger plows are being used for the larger streets, of course. but there you go. three plows, working into the evening. i'm sure they will be working with it. they did it that we have been talking to them east and they had been working since 8:00 this morning. and the way that the shifts work here in dc, they work from 8:00 in the morning, 12 hours until 8:00 in the evening. then another crew comes on at 8 at night and they work through
7:19 pm
the evening. so he was still feeling a little tired. he said that it has been a long, long week, because he worked earlier in the week. and the snowfall earlier in the week, then last weekend. so he said that the money is good. but it's a whole lot of work. >> we just got a few seconds left with you. we have been driving around. talking a lot about the temperatures dropping and the conditions, they are really icing over her. did you notice a traction over the last couple of hours? as you tart to slip and slide? tkpwhr it will flip. there might be enough salt on the roads. and at this car that we're in, it's really doing well. it's a heavy suv with the four-wheel drive. so it is doing rel well. of course, some people with two wheel drives, the small cars, what they are still doing for some reason, they don't need to be out there. they are out there trying to get around, and they are getting stuck and we have noticed a bunch of people stuck in the middle of the road, shoveling their cars out. so if you want to head out
7:20 pm
tonight on saturday night, if there are some places open, then i would buy us, trying to get there somewhere else and not take your car in. >> uh-oh. we might get sprayed by this. >> this you go. >> some guys cleaning off the sidewalk tonight. >> yeah, it is slippery. i'm sure that they are saying it is going to get colder tonight than it is probably going to ice over in places. >> all right, stay safe. we certainly appreciate your help. let's take it out to bowie, maryland, where they are sitting in a parking lot in bowie, getting a sense of whether or not people are venturing out. >> whatever it takes, brian. whatever it takes. you know, people have been coming out here, throughout the day. they were out here yesterday as well, to the safeway. but it's like a ghost town now. like all of the customers, they are gone now. there is no more customers out here. the only thing that we're seeing right now are snowplows and salt trucks. there is a snowplow that is still out here in this
7:21 pm
parking lot. for and still, trying to clear things away. and they have been out here for several hours as well. they were here before we got here. this truck is still here. still a lot of work to do out here in this parking lot. now, i told you earlier about just how slippery and slick it is out here. i'm going to walk over here. can you see any of this? it is really thick. now, again, even though that they have plowed this, you could see it. and you can't really see it. you can see a little bit of the ground. in certain sections, it's all ice. all ice. so if you are walking on that, or if you are driving on that, it'll be pretty dangerous. very dangerous. we see a couple of people over here, still coming to the grocery store. the manager said that he was going to try to stay open for as longas he could, as long as his workers could handle it had situation. but it is still open for them at this point. we got a couple of people that are still here, coming out of the grocery store. just driving off on this. and this plow. and the part of the parking lot for them. and they did not seem to have any problems. but again, they were not going at the high rate of the speed. we just want to warn people of
7:22 pm
the snow that is stopped. but it is still pretty dangerous out here. it is still something that you'll want to, you know, keep in the back of your mind, as you're traveling out there, as you're starting to get back out into the rest of the world. after being cooped up from this snow. but now, that's life. or so they say, brian. back to you. >> thank you, brian. wisdom that they were showing us earlier, just how the snow is crystallizing. i'm not sure if you're near the mountain of the snow wisdom that they are showing you once again. it emphasizes how the conditions are changing. as they get cold, all that snow that is piled up along the snow, the sidewalks, the steps. they are getting icy and very dangerous. >> i'm just curious how many peoplare going out there getting their super bowl party supplies. the tension has turned after 48 hours of this, i think the tension has turned to more enjoyable things like, getting some wings, and getting ready for a saint's victory tomorrow. >> let me tell you, i was out at cleveland park, you know, for many hours last night. a little grocery store nearby. it was beer, it was
7:23 pm
wine, it was chips, pretzels. they are getting ready. it's not the super bowl, just hunkering down. they were not -- we were not going to use that word. it's hunkering down for the blizzard of 2010. and our coverage continues with a live look right here at georgetown. it looks like they are just taking a turn. stay with us. (man) heel pressure.
7:24 pm
7:25 pm
(woman) high arches. with their feet.going on dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center. backed by footcare scientists foot-mapping technology identifies the areas you put pressure on, then recommends the right orthotic for locations well, if you are hitting the roads, then you're certainly not going to be in a lot of traffic. here's a live look at i-95 north. a lot of folks, just staying home. the roads are beginning to ice over. especially these bridges where the air sort of passes under it. and you really see a lot of icing. so dangerous conditions. we have been telling you this. but now, especially as temperatures are dropping, you're starting to see ice.
7:26 pm
right now if you go out tr and go to our website, you'll see what is streaming live right now. and this is from hey market, virginia right now. you can see the 30h mark. that's a live picture from virginia right now as we speak. and again when you go to the website, all you have to do, if you want to send that to us in your youth stream video, go to our website. and we'll try to get those on the air. now, if you go to the home page right now, about an hour ago, they told you about that and upper 50s that a lot of people were just doing to make it because of the snow. and while this is a live picture right now, in tyson's
7:27 pm
corner of that wedding. as you can see, 594 viewers right now are still watching the wedding. so they were going to have only 100. but right now, you can have 599 viewers, going up right now. people, they are actually checking it out. don't drink if you're watching this. you're being streaming here. and you are live right now. and just 605 homes. you'll see it's going up and up with each passing moment here. so that's the wedding going on out there that they were telling you about, the forte wedding going over there in tyson's corner. again, go to the home page right now. all kinds of things if you want to see what's going on, if you want to check out the live wedding going on, at tyson's corner, all there for you. very interactive. we want to thank everyone sending you your videos and your live cameras. we appreciate it. it's helping us, do our jobs. and it is really made for a much better and interactive coverage of this snowstorm all weekending long. brian, let's go back up to you. >> we sure hope that they are saying, you know, somebody,
7:28 pm
they might be watching you, but be careful. >> not being there, you don't get the open bar. it's the blizzard of 2010, that's when they say i do. >> a live look at the shopping lot there a parking lot in a shopping center at bowie, maryland. we'll be right back.
7:29 pm
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7:30 pm
we're going to take a live look at georgetown. you can still see some people walking out there in this particular part of dc. and so there are some cars, taxicabs, some people walking
7:31 pm
around. >> gary mcgrady walking down the weather center for us. we're hoping you're developing new models for them there. new graphics, something fresh. and to outdate us to get a little perspective of what's going on. >> no pressure. we're not worried too much about that, trying to forecast this storm. but we'll talk a little bit about what might be coming through this way. but i did. i did make something new that we have not seen in quite a while. we have talked about it earlier too. and we'll start focusing on them. and start focusing a little bit more on the forecast. since we're kind of out of this. they have dropped down to 19 degrees, manassas, 18 degrees, and back out to winchester, it's 20 degrees right now. martinsburg, 25. down for tomorrow's forecast, we started off, look how bitted cold. we're going to start off at 16
7:32 pm
degrees. that's in town. but we'll be in the lower teens out at the suburbs. we should wake up with the perfectly sunny skies right now, as high pressure is building in. and we stay pretty sunny too. a couple of clouds there and here. and generally throughout the day, we'll have lots of sunshine and temperatures managing up into the upper 20s. we'll warm it up over the next few days. to show you that tomorrow, a little warmer than monday. and 35 degrees for them. wednesday, we're back down to 34. i think that this particular pattern for them, start settling in a little bit. the next day here or there and they get up to 44. a little bit beyond. now, we have high pressure that
7:33 pm
is building n tonight at 11. the storm system, moving through quickly on off the east. as we get into tomorrow evening, for super bowl time, it's nice though. and we will be staying inside, because they will be so cold out there. but here's what we're watching for the next storm system. about tuesday at 6:00. and another little dose of wintery precipitation for them, coming our way. that's all i'm going to stay for right now. call it wintery precipitation. because it looked like it may end up being a little bit of the mixture as they come across. that's a little fresh for you, brian. we just started working on this snow graphic to show you where the snow has been. it's an impressive footprint ofthe snow. not only locally, but it's impressive footprint of the snow from here on out all the way back out there. and we'll talk about that coming up as well. >> all right, we'll see you in a little bit. the power outages, montgomery county, they appear in our area, being hit the hardest, it does not preclude the fact that they have 25,000 people out here, 80,000 with pepco and montgomery
7:34 pm
county alone. the dominion powering up about 60,000 or so right now. obviously those numbers could be with jumping up, you know? montgomery county seems to be getting the brunt of this, according to pepco. we're not sure why it is. but they could imagine a lot of families out there, they are wondering what to do tonight. >> let's take a look at the situations with metro. and they originally said last night that they would be open today from 7 a.m. until 3 a.m. and their normal hours for them. they got word about two hous ago that they had changed the game plans for them that are now all trains, whether aboveground or below ground, and of course, they had been shut down for a day now. and below ground as well, all trains, they are stopping tonight at 11. that for a couple of reasons. one, metro, they want their workers to stay safe. on the job, they have been working long hours. and just getting to their job, obviously, it's hard. you can imagine, just trying to get out of your house, trying to get to work. that's been difficult. and having extremely low ridership, they only had
7:35 pm
about 30,000 riders today. they are usually about 250,000 to 300,000 riders. all trains are shut down at 11 tonight. of course, no bus service today. no bus service tomorrow, monday, to be determined. tkpwhr-t snow just stopped a -- the snow just stopped a couple of hours ago. it will probably take a couple of days to get the roads bac in shape. but let's get sort of an outlook for northern virginia. joining us live on the phone. and can you hear it? >> we can. >> give us some sort of the picture as you see it right now, i understand the primary focus, of course, with these major affairs, the major arteries. then you start getting into the neighborhood. >> sure, we're so glad that the snow is finally back here. and the crews, they could start to make a real tangible dent for them and the interstates. they are still about the same conditions that have been talking about all day. they are still very dangerous for folks that don't have the four-wheel drive. and i know that we have been saying it all day, but we hope that folks will stay off the roads.
7:36 pm
that has really helped us to clear that a little bit more quickly. the outlook for the rest of the week will be plowing for them in the secondaries in the subdivisions. and it is probably starting on monday, but probably not before that. and then, well, once the snow starts on tuesday, we'll probably have to pull the trucks out of the subdivisions and send them back to the primaries and interstates to be able to deal with the snow that we're expecting. stpw mr. what are your big trouble spots right now on the virginia road to northern virginia? >> we're still seeing quiet a few single car incidents to spin out on the interstate ramps. and those are always tending to be the major problems spots for them. the interstates, they still have snow packs and they are still slick. so we're seeing some issues there. but for the most part, folks have stayed home and they are a huge help. >> it certainly looks like as you see a live picture for them. south of the roads. and jenny mcchord, thank you. let's talk about maryland.
7:37 pm
bob barnard is getting a look at the roads around the democracy, old georgetown road. he put this together. take a look. >> reporter: from the good thing you never left your home today category comes this scene. two cars stuck in the snow on the ramp from the beltway to 355 north. not just stuck, but blocking the exit entirely. it took a team effort to eventually clear the path. most of the main roads for them are passable. but very few side streets have been plowed. navigating these roadways is tricky at best. some people and his medical students and the assistant, mary alice, decided to walk the four miles from the university to work on a vital experiment. >> and so since they have been in the concert for three days, today is the day. that's it. you have to go. >> you have to go. >> yes. tkpwhrár this is old georgetown road this afternoon. imagine that. the only sign of life on this
7:38 pm
snow covered street. this one man on foot. for oh so many of us getting into the position to take a car out is going to take some work. >> how rugh is this? how tough is shoveling this? >> woáel see it in half an hour. >> reporter: and this is life for them today. >> reporter: some people here have electricity. others do not. montgomery county, particularly hard hit by the blizzard of 2010. >> wee planning on moving back to l.a. now, i just can't come soon enough. i'm sort of the snow that is pretty and all. [ laughter ] >> it's tood cold. that's california. we'll take the rains in the earthquake. yes, thissing blanket of snow, leaving many of us in the dark and cold. and it's going to take days for some of us to even get close to life as usual. you've got two californians right here on the set. are you ready to go back now?
7:39 pm
>> no. and the earthquakes never did bother me. i was in a really bad one for them on the quake. and i like this. i like the seasons. you know, people are always asking me, don't you want to go back? i have been going on 14 to 15 years. this is home now. >> yeah. >> it is amazing, wouldn't you agree? to see old georgetown. it's just out there, covered with snow. one guy walking. i have been seeing people cross country skiing. the snow board, boogey boards. right? and that's california. so you put it in my head. >> i agree. >> the one thing that you don't get in california, seasons. and this is frederick, maryland. i'm highly the suspect of this snow footprint that gary mcgrady has been putting today. i have deep reservations about it. i'll tell you that right now. i think that the bull's eye of it this storm kind of cut through here, frederick, going up through howard county, kind of right around in there. maybe stopped just shy of baltimore. that's going to be my guess.
7:40 pm
and so take a look at some of these pictures from frederick, maryland. we're going to take a break and put the screws to gary mcady perhaps in a few minutes. lisa, your family thinks you might have roaster phobia. i'm not roaster-phobic. my perdue oven ready roaster is already seasoned in its own cooking bag. and it cooks in about half the time. my work here is done. [ male announcer ] now try perdue oven ready bone-in breast and cornish hens.
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i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. and no candy, gladys. (announcer) perdue. extra inspections. extraordinary chicken. when the snow was still coming down. that was the scene by how long ago, right? a couple of hours making a huge difference for them. and they were out of he. seeing what was going on. cleveland park, look at that. the combination of the drifts and the plowing. and all of them standing. look how close they were. they were standing next to them. oh, the snow shoots. >> no wonder, do you seethat? >> the indication of how high they were. and that's not how much snowfall we got. but the plows, they have been hitting connecticut avenue. i imagine that is exactly where it is today. and they piled up on the side for them and out getting the girls for them on the winter
7:43 pm
going out there. they could go check it out. and the life-time memories that you all know. they were able to get out and about tomorrow. and stick it up. you can take a bunch of pictures, you'll remember that this is not the nicker bobber snowstorm to hit washington, d.c. but right now, it's for washington, d.c. >> there you go. just pulling the little one in >> and you know, that particular neighborhood. cleveland park, a walking neighborhood. and even last night, as the storm was really trying to pound us, people, they were out hitting the grocery stores. a couple of hubs. and a little area out there and the restaurant that was open. people were sort of taking it in. sort of leaving the cars, parked on the side, parked in the garages, just sort of taking the interviews. >> and there is a wedding going on right now. out of all of this, out in tyson's corner, virginia. >> yes, this is the coolest
7:44 pm
thing. this is streaming live on our website. handshakes and hugs for them officially out there. just competing. they still have 660 viewers, that are watching this live as we speak here. the long-time member of the washington redskins for them half an hour ago was finally there. we thought they should have been elected to the hall of fame years ago. but they also deserves the congratulations tonight. they have been elected to the nfl hall of fame. you can go to our website and find all this information. we also have a sports tab there too. we are showing you that you could go and check that out, posting all day long and all weekend long. of course, we're still encouraging you to send your
7:45 pm
videos. so very interactive, it's continuing, but it is official, and i know that you guys were hanging on the seat of your pants up there. they are officially married. >> all our bests to them. that's a big deal to the redskins nation. tkpwhr yeah, that's a huge deal. like i said, he's the first member for them of the hogs to go into the hall of fame. now, we have spoke to a lot of them when joe, the long-time offensive coach retired about a month ago. they all said that it was nice if they could go together. at least finally the redskins have the first member of the hogs and the hall of fame. seeing if they are there. >> i think that the fortes are trying to figure out if they need to use a part of their honey moon. >> yes. great memories. absolutely the best way to do it. >> all right, dave feldman, thank you. let's get down to gary mcgrady. and gary, i was not sliding you in any way. i know you're going to give us that bull's eye map to the best of your ability. i'm just saying, personally, and totally, based on what i have
7:46 pm
seen, my projections of where it is. as you well know, i'm a gambling man. so i'm gambling. it's going to be right in that frederick, maryland area. >> hold on just minute. i'll step out of camera just a second to grab something, okay? >> all right. >> drum roll. >> we're back. and i have been working on this. and we usually do one of these. i have been just so busy. we've gotten several reports of 30s. back out into the northern sections of the counties here and over towards west virginia and parts of extreme maryland too. a big snowfall totals for them too. but now, i have not seen anything 30 plus in frederick county, but brian, you're onto something here. because if you jump from the areas here and skip through montgomery county and frederick county, you land out there in howard county,
7:47 pm
correct? and you have seen some very impressive 30 and 35 plus snowfall totals through parts of howard county and up towards baltimore county as well. so i think you're onto something. if i were really to do at lot more investigation, and i had some support from my friends in frederick county and sending the snowfall totals, you may be able to find the snowfall totals there. because i did see some at 29-8. and you're pretty much good to go. what happened is basically, the heaviest snowfall totals have matched up with where we were getting reports of the lightning and thunder out there. no one was hearing any thunder. of course, they really piled it up quite quickly. you'll get the snowfall totals for them to flip that over. and i put them up real quick. again, generally speaking, we're seeing a lot of snowfall totals between 22 and 30 inches for just about everybody.
7:48 pm
alexandria, 24. we have talked about this. how did they get 24 and they only end up with 17? you would think they would be at least 20 or 22. bowie came in at 23 inches. and bowie, just south of where we got that real heavy snow spike up towards baltimore. burke at 23.5. german town, 27. and fairfax county for them, and there are so many for them here at the snowfall totals that they have not gotten through yet, to write that down on my sheets here. but yeah, i think that not only are you a betting man, but you're kind of the junior man too. i think you're doing pretty well there. >> all right, gary. so i guess that i kind of underestimated that whole county stretch there. and if you look out there, it kind of looked like they split and they were sort of in the middle. and more south and north and we're kind of right in the middle. tkpw had that is exactly right -- that is completely right. when you look at all the
7:49 pm
totals, and they kind of connected the dots around the totals, we're kind of close as they are describing there. >> and you said earlier that you were surprised to this storm that sort of blew out as quickly as they did. and somebody just turned off the valve. why is that? >> that's what happened. basically, they lose all things what happened in the areas of the low pressure that came off the coast. and it's classic what happened. sometimes they go further up the coast than wht this one did. what happened as the storm fell off short and they move and they will either move up along the coast and start moving out to the sea. but now, the surface storm, they have to wait on the upper reflections. and as that all kind of gathers together with the upper level system that comes over the surface level areas. that seems to be going there and they go in a hurry. right off that sea. once that happens, the snow shut down in a hurry.
7:50 pm
and not only for them, for them in two hours. that says a lot. modeling the atmosphere, and gary, next, we're going to do the monday morning quarterbacking. we're talking about what you did right in the storm and what you did wrong. >> i know what i did wrong. i underestimated that. i do not think that there is any way that the area of the low pressure could come in and drop 30 to 40 inches of snow. i'll admit it, i didn't think that. i was kind of a nice man on the fox 5 weather team. i had totals that ere under everybody elses. >> all right, we'll talk about what you did right later. >> okay, all right. gary, thank you. let's outside, live in northwest. lindsay, what does it lock like out there? >> reporter: well, first of all, i heard you talking about that. i saw two people out there. but they were not exactly going anywhere else. you know the bottom, they are kind of rough. they didn't work. i was out there at wisconsin avenue. there is really not a whole lot of action going on.
7:51 pm
a couple of guys trying to wave and get on here. but the streets are looking pretty good. they have been plowing by and coming up here in the past few minutes. they are drivable, of course. we're not recommending that you drive on them. but to be honest, they have been out on wisconsin and they have been to connecticut, all these roads, pretty well plowed. it's when they want to turn out there to have problems. but here's the biggest problem for them to be faced out there in the past couple of powers. people are walking into the streets and it is very dangerous. most people, they are used to the pedestrian crossing. and assuming that they could walk in front of the car. and the problem is that they are locking up. so they tend to slide. and people, they need to understand when you see a car coming, step out of the way. and just kind of let them go. but overall, looking pretty good out here. if you could stay inside and stay warm, just do that. >> and lindsay, maybe the camera could pan down. we have been talking about how conditions are starting to ice up some of the snow pack that is getting crystallized and making it more difficult to walk on, more difficult to shovel. can you take a look at
7:52 pm
this? >> reporter: we can show row that the snow here is pretty packed, like a little wall here. and just really slippery here. taking a coule of small spills myself. but nothing too serious, of course. but yeah, it is pretty serious if you're walking on the sidewalks, especially now. it's kind of funny, my parents called me. they are out in german town. they said 27 inches out there. and my fiance said they took them 45 minutes to shovel that out here. this will probably keep them indoors for the next couple of days. >> live in northwest, lindsey mastis, thank you for the update. >> sure. live pictures from georgia avenue. as we leave you and we'll be back on the other side. i love winter. with my subaru forester and its all-wheel drive...
7:53 pm
... handling even the toughest conditions... is just another day at the beach.
7:54 pm
welcome back. we've been checking in with them
7:55 pm
all across our region. seeing a situation about collapsing because of the weight of the snow. and some falls, we have heard from them with the dc firing. and he said one of the big concerns is the heart atacks. people out there shoveling. they are being too rough on their body. why don't we move to one of the local hospitals? >> we have on the phone with us, he's with the grove hospital. skip, we appreciate your time. we know a lot of the hospitals in the area, they are really relying on volunteers, particularly those with four-wheel drives to help get supplies for them and to get other necessities going on. how are you guys doing when they have a little bit of the time and what they have in mind? >> reporter: well again, we want to express our tkpwrat taoudz to the community. we have had over, well, 60 or more volunteer drivers with four-wheel drives show up over the last 20 to 30 hours. hopefully they won't scare our staff, nurses, technicians, to work, where it is jut an outstanding response from the community. and we continue to have that need.
7:56 pm
and we are well staffed. and the services to be brought to if the family has a four-wheel drive vehicle to bring them to the hospital where we could provide the oxygen that they need as well as any other medical needs. >> i was just reenforcing that again as we have heard previous to this call that it's for
7:57 pm
people to use caution for the back injuries, cardiac strain. and you know, the heavy wet snow. this is like a snowfall that people have never seen in this area. easy to get cocky with it to go out and shovel it and move on about your life. but you know, any stallion points of wisdom that you mite want to pass along to the viewers? >> well, as always, if you're shoveling snow and you have any kind of chest discomfort, don't diagnosis yourself, seek medical treatment. it's probably one of the most common events that we see following the heavy snow for them. and the driveway for them and what they think might be the muscle strengths. the cardiac event. they are asking people to get help and to not try to do all the heavy lifting for them as well. >> with the shady grove hospital.
7:58 pm
we thank you, brian. we'll take a break. join our viewers at 10. we'll sneak in a break right now and we'll be right back.
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
continuing coverage of the blizzard. maureen umeh joins us in the studio. welcome to be with you -- welcome. >> great to be with you. and you can see that the roads, they are pretty clear. people, they are still staying away which is a good thing in all of this. giving them time to get out there and really make at lot safer for them not just for the emergency crews who need to get to the roads, but also for anyone who needs to get off for any reason right now. >> certainly as t-rps fall and -- temperatures continue to fall and ice becomes a big issue. left turn go right over there live in the fox 5 weather
8:01 pm
center. >> hi will, hi maureen. i noticed that manassas is already down to 12 degrees. so all this snow pack really going to get, you know, in the freezer tonight. last night's temperature stayed around 30 to 32 degrees. speaking of last night, it was in the 8:00 hour last night when we started getting lots of reports in our live chat as well as e-mails and calls about people seeing flashes in skies. we thought thunder snow was beginning. yes, thunder snow was beginning, but what we wereally seeing was this. a lot of people saying they saw the blue light in the sky. those very heavy tree limbs touching high voltage wires. and all of the local power companies, of course, had issues. they were beginning about at this time. but at the same time, we had some thunder and lightning going on. so it was very confusing. even a lightning structure to show you from clarksburg. we thank you for sending this in. so it was very confusing to us in the weather center. people would say i saw a blue
8:02 pm
flas, but i did not hear thunder. and they would say wait, i saw thunder or saw lightning. and so the answer is, did the crazy lights you were seeing last night, that you were probably seeing the transformers, the high voltage lines being touched. and in fact, you were getting thunder snows. and you would see that per hour. and here's the good news. the accumulating snow is over. all of the warnings that were in affect for us are now down. but here's another big deal. temperatures, they are already down to 24 degrees here in the district. and it is 28 in annapolis. there's that 12 i told you about in manassas. my goodness, that's a huge drop. good faith persburg, not far -- gaithersburg not far behind it. 23 degrees t martinsburg. and some staggering snow totals that we have seen on the ground. we have also been monitoring the winds. now, the winds are not as bad as they could have been. this storm is really pulling out there to see it quickly. taking the huge windfield with them. and still, enough of a breeze out there that it feels like
8:03 pm
three degrees in manassas with the verred cold temperature. it feels like 10 at gaithersburg. 14 in the city and 15 up at baltimore. so definitely, not going to be quite so much fun to be out in it as we go through the overnight hours. because things are really heading on downhill. and what about tomorrow? yes, it's sunday, it's super bowl sunday. i don't think that it will be 16 in miami. but hey, they are probably jealous of all of our snow, don't you think? in the meantime, our temperatures, they will be right around the 26-degree mark. lots of sunshine. by 5:00, lots of sun as well. temperature of about 28 degrees. we thought we would give you a five-day forecast too. obviously not a lot of melting in this forecast. quite frankly with this huge amount of snow, we need a snow melt, a slow meltdown and not a fast one. and there is a little chance for them for some late mix on tuesday. a combination of the snow and sleet. and maybe a bit of rain. yes, there's probably going to be a bit more of the snow in the forecast on wednesday. we're talking about inches, not seeing maybe a few. we're going to start giving
8:04 pm
them the preliminary objections for them. but we're just thinking that t will be the minor snow. hey, could four inches come out of it? that is possible. it should not do a lot to worsen the situation for them. probably a little depressing to some people that would rather start moving towards the cherry blossom time. quite a storm as you know, number four for us. and we have two top 10 storms in the same winter, which is just unbelievable to me. >> and you have made a really good point, that even though we're getting 17.5 inches over at reagan, in parts of howard county, we're talking 30 inches. it's are the follow fair for them to say 17.5. >> and also, well, let's explain something. that 17.6 is what was measured today at reagan international. also with eight inches yesterday. putting them closer to 25. and people who are measuring, they are not measuring what they got today or yesterday. they are sticking a yardstick in and getting the snow totals. that's how we did it. but i think that reagan is closer to 25. a lot of beefing up that the
8:05 pm
fact the officials are kept there. but there is an observer there. hay want one central location. and you know, we just need one place to represent the area, but that one place, seems to be on the low end of what really fell across this area. >> in any way that you cut it, it's a lot of snow for them. >> yes. and my husband says, i have not been home yet as you know. that this feels a lot bigger to him out in the suburbs in the blizzards of '96. there is so much snow that you almost come to a tunnel in some of the neighborhoods that have been plowed. because the snow is so high. where is it going to go? >> yeah, it there will be a lot of people kicking out the cars in the next couple of days. we'll check back with you to know if a lot of people are crossing their fingers on tuesday and wednesday. that wintery mix is mild. >> we'll tell you what, so many people, they are worried about that right now, friends and family members. without the power, perblsly the did -- especially the dipping temperatures. checking out the power outages. i know power outages for them
8:06 pm
in an issue for what you're reporting from the motels and the hotels, before they are being thrilled quick -- thrown quickly. what's happening there? tkpwhr well people, they are actually keeping theiring fingers with the family out there. and that they are hope for them and that the power comes back on. the ext hour or so. they make a decision. they do have families elsewhere at montgomery are county. that family still has their power for them. we have seen people throughout the day, not taking any chances for them. having people in virginia. a lot of people are hoping the power gets back on. now i willtell you if you look at this neighborhood behind us, a short time ago, it was pitch black a while ago. and right now, we're seeing some lights on in there. and we have not seen them come back on, unable to go back there to see that for themselves. if that indeed means power back
8:07 pm
on. we have seen some trucks in the area. when we're in that neighborhood, we have not seen any work getting done. we're not sure what has happened to bring lights back into the darkness, where it was dark for quite some time. and i will tell you that at 7:15 tonight, we went over to the 24-hour giant supermarket here right next to walter johnson high school. they were planning on closing tonight at 9:00, because they lost their power today. and they were on generator power. very eerie inside the store. while we were there at 7:15, their lights came back on. and the staff in there were rather surprised. and wondering what that meant. if they could stay, you know, 24 hours instead of closing at #k. but that gave us an indication that light is still starting to come backon in this part of bethesda. certainly there are many neighborhoods that don't have power on. and talking about up north in front of us here. it is very eerie, even at night here in these neighborhoods. especially to the ones that
8:08 pm
have not been plowed. there are tire tracks on some of the streets and people are trying, but we met a washington post delivery driver, who went out at 3:30 this morning, and got stuck. and i don't know why anyone else didn't come by earlier are. while we were there and video taping the neighborhood, i said, would you like me to give you a push? we did and he got free. he said that he had been there since 3:30 this morning. and so there are a lot of stories out there, that, you know, we'll hear about in the coming days, but many people without power, many street have not been plowed. so there are some people that don't have a choice to get out of their neighborhoods if th can't walk, let's say. easily, and that they are stuck. and they are probably not watching us. hat they are having a rough time. here you see the maryland state highway. they will probably pull a youturn. this is a maryland state highway for them. and the truck knocked down. but the road here, they were just putting it down there. hey guys, just putting it down
8:09 pm
there and first of all, it this is old georgetown road, heading north towards rockville. and they in pretty good shape. there are many side streets as you guys know and our viewers know. tt are not clear, might not be for some time. we're in for a long haul. the storm is gone, but the trouble is just starting for many people. >> the utilities, they are telling us, one of the big issues is getting their struck. the utility crews into the side streets for some of the back alleys where the lines are being run. are you seeing some of them hit the side streets? >> not yet. there are some, you know, we believe that it is probably homeowners association, that have contracted -- contacted the smaller trucks and the smaller plows. we have seen some of them in the neighborhoods. but these state highways and the other contracted out there for the local government trucks, no, they are sticking to the main roads, which are in pretty good shape. we're hearing totally people telling us that even though the roads seem to be fine, the main roads, people, they are still driving way too fast for the conditions.
8:10 pm
and the people in the neighborhood, most people are not even trying yet today. probably many will tomorrow if those neighborhood streets finally get plowed to venture out -fp the but no, we have not seen any of the local neighborhoods besides the tire track from the other cars coming and going. and they are getting those streets cleared. >> certainly starting to see them from the situation and to keep our fingers crossed. and those that really do need to get out, they can and soon. >> we certainly know that they are working hard. it's just that we have gotten so much snow for them and w starting to ice up. very difficult to get the big trucks into the smaller streets. >> i do want to give you one quick airline update. that we're just being told by our producers at the southwest airlines for them. and that they have canceled all flights going in and out against southwest airlines canceling flights at the airport. >> and the transportation, talking about metro for both of you that are concerned about that. and they were shutting down at 11 p.m. we're being told. keep that in mind. that is just the underground
8:11 pm
service. the aboveground service was not running at all today. and neither has the buses been running today. so just a reminder if you plan to take metro and you would like to at 11 p.m., one metro service that is being shut down tonight. >> all right, from northwest washington. let's take another live look outside with fox, lindsay murphy. >> reporter: take a look behind me at wisconsin avenue. it's a very rare occurrence when you see this calm out here. it's probably a good thing that they are calm right now. we have not seen many plow trucks come through in the last 10 to 15 minutes since i have been standing here. i want to show you real quickly while the road is clear here with the streets and what they looked like. pretty deceiving. they look pretty clear and pretty easy to travel on. when you get down to it, they are extremely slippery. pretty clear. but pretty dangerous. i would still try to pick it off the roads that you don't need to be there. i have another note. a couple of peoe when they drive by, they would like to stop and wave and talk. and the redwood restaurant, just a couple of blocks away from
8:12 pm
bethesda. they are offering happy hour, all night long as well. metro got out there, intaoeusing you after the show. or maybe some of the viewers that are stuck inside and maybe they need to get out a little bit. >> still intrigued the way that you were saying that earlier, that you saw a few boards being fastened as sleds? >> i have seen some winter sports because cross country skiiers are everywhere. >> there are not that many people interested in this area. they normally don't get that. and the cross country skiiers, bike riders, that has to be the weirdest that we have seen. they are the best. even the little ones, you know, you see them for a minute and all of a sudden they disappear and the parents are kind of dragging them along. it's really funny. it's beautiful out here. >> and cold. very cold. thank you for that live report. i'll tell you, one of the funniest things that i have heard, and i kind of wished i hadn't heard that. to make skates like that. it did not work so well. >> i guess whatever works. apparently, that did not work.
8:13 pm
>> no. >> actually early this morning, you know, don't hate me. i actually walked to the gym. i was trying to feel good. i saw people with cross country skis. >> let's get back to that. >> he went to the gym? >> have you seen them? they are not skis, but i thought, you know, you could have just mowed someone out there. >> keep saying to mow the snow. oh my goodness. plow the snow. >> that's what you need to do. you need to cut right through the snow. let me give you a quick programming note. at:00, you were suppose to see the budweiser shootout, scheduled to air right here on fox at 8:00 tonight. it's still airing, moved over to our sister station, my20. so again, the budweiser shootout, the nascar fans, airing right now, 8:00 to 10. >> we hope you stick with us for more coverage on this blizzard of 2010. we've got so much more to come. stick with us, we'll be right back. 
8:14 pm
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8:16 pm
you're taking a live look right now at reagan international airport. things seem to be running pretty smoothly. we want to tell you this as you did it earlier where all those flights have been canceled. and we have three major area from that shot, the snow has stopped. and the temperatures, they are dropping. so now that becomes a big issue. we'll be dealing with that over the next several hours. of course, we have major widespread power outages, where they were about 120,000, montgomery county being hit the hardest. can you hear us in >> yes, sir, i can. >> we have about 98,000 out. so we are slowly but surely
8:17 pm
getting there. montgomery county still affected the most. and they are still working around the clock to restore the power to as many people as possible. and safely and quickly. >> are you finding that they are due to the snapped power lines or they transpire something? give us an idea. >> the town powerlines, they are a pig issue can which is caused by the heavy wet snow of the branches, bringing them down out there to our powerlines, causing the outages. >> and a lot of folks, especially out here where they have been hit the hardest. hopefully as friends, putting them up. and how long should they anticipate? >> yes. actually, it is usually the way that we restore power, what we
8:18 pm
do, we go and see the damage to our system and we are able to provide that where we are restoring as we see the damage and we have not completely assessed the damage yet. we cannot provide the estimated tome of the restation -- restoration. so we ask all of them to be patient while we continue to restore the power to them. as quickly and safely as we can. >> s there an ease sáeu explanation as to why they are being hit the hardest? >> i really don't have word on why montgomery county is hit the hardest. but i could definitely say one of the biggest reasons for us to restore that and the power in that area, the roads are just treacherous. and our crews, they are finding it hard to get into the places where they need to restore the power. so they are working closely with that and the city officials, and in montgomery county. as well as prince george's county and the district that says to get to those places where they need to restore
8:19 pm
power. >> we know that your crews are working as fast as they could. certainly working out there to be safe at the same time. thank you for the update. but right now, we're hearing 98,000 people, and the pepco people out of power. good thing we're seeing the numbers go down. hopefully that'll continue to happen as the night goes on. >> it looks like they are at 24,000. let's head back to the fox weather center too. and they have some news for us. >> i wanted to mention something about how we were talking about the reagan international totals a little bit ago. 17-6 today. about 8:00 to them. that information that was put out in the climate summary, was later corrected. i did not see that. it was 8.7 and it will go down for the entire snowstorm. but they do the not change their placement. still the 4th snow. dulles is 32.4. now, isn't that a huge discrepancy in those two
8:20 pm
locations? i just wanted to mic sure i got that out there. that it was reported the way i said it earlier, that was issued just a little bit. with the staggering totals indeed. and they are not one of them at this point, because a lot of the places have doubled, that's for sure. >> all right, with the update. 17.8, still, an awful lot of snow. >> always keeping us afloat. thank you for that. okay, we're going to ake a break and we'll be back right after this. 
8:21 pm
8:22 pm
you're watching the continuing coverage for them. and in northwest washington right there where it looks like they have been shoveling out
8:23 pm
there. they have been working all night to see them out there as most of them were leaving, a lot of the people were shoveling. >> right with them at the airport. are you with us? >> yes, how is it going? >> good. how is it going for you guys? know there's a lot of cancellations and closures that, sort of thing. why don't you tell us the latest right now? >> it's been a marathon work shift for them who have been working over 32 hours straight. to clear snow. that thankfully, they have come to an end at dulles and at international airport. however, that will continue and they are going to continue
8:24 pm
throughout the night and the day tomorrow. unfortunately, we're not able tost mate at that time, where they might resume, but we're working to get it closer to that point, where it could happen safely. and both at reagan and at dulles airport. >> can i push you just a little bit? any kind of the ballpark, the time frame that you're hearing? >> well, i mean, you know, this morning, when we woke up, when i woke up and the crews were still working, and the sun came up, where they got light outside. it became clear that we probably weren't going to be operate today. i think that tomorrow, when the sun does come up, we will see the sun. and we're going to have a better idea if we're going to be operating tomorrow. and it is really just apples and oranges between the two airports. and we have a lot of crews that are working, a lot of space here. a lot of places to put the snow. and at national, we don't have that luxury. and that is really a challenge for them operating in that environment. and you know, trying to move the snow. if we introduce the aircraft to the mix too soon, then that
8:25 pm
might be counterproductive. >> so that is the plan tonight, to plow that snow tonight and to treat the runways. is that the major bulk of the work? >> reporter: exactly. a lot of the bulk has been done. taking large piles of snow that have been plowed, and moving them out of the way of the aircraft operations. and making sure that the path between the runway and the gate is cleared and easily navigatable. and it is not a good idea to bring them into the mix. >> i imagine that there was, you know, some difficulty in navigating your manpower when you consider that reagan international, they received 17.8 inches of snow, verses dulles, which was more than 32 inches. so i imagine that you needed to put more people on them? >> exactly. >> reporter: and you know what, at both airports, we have two shifts that rotate in had and out constantly, but the equipment itself, it is always running, you know, being refueled on the fly. and it is working really hard. but it has held up r-g well. and again, at dulles, just
8:26 pm
amazing. i went out and stood at 32 inches of snow. it's just incredible. >> hey rob, are there people stranded at the airport that you know about? >> i would say right now, the number of workers in the airport clearly outnumbering the number of passengers. i think folks got the word not to come. they were continuing to tell people, please don't come out here, try to make arrangements the at the ticket counters. and there are almost no staff at the ticket counters at this point in time. the pest way to do business is with your airline directly from the telepne or even better, the web. >> and let me ask you about the conditions there at the airport. and you know, we see theming being deceased. we have seen em land. and the heavy rain and in snow. and at what point have they become just too dangerous that you need to say no, we're doing a ground stop? >> well, the airlines, they make that call. and you know, the faa, they are just down. but we have visit them today by saying, we're not going to have any flight operations out there throughout the day. but you know, most of
8:27 pm
the aircraft are gone. i believe there is only like maybe five or six passengers on the ground at dulles now. and those aircrafts were the ones that came in and just didn't make it out last night. and it's a very small number of the aircrafts at national. so when we do open, you're only going to see arrivals until we can get those planes at the airport. and then only until the planes unload that will there be possibilities for them at the departures. >> thank you for joining us this evening and thank you for that update. >> thank you. >> working 32 hours straight. >> wow, sounds like us? >> yeah. i think so. it's kind of just the matter of perhaps, you know, a good day to get these runways prepared for landings and to take off. we're going to sneak in aquick break. as we do, we want to share some of your photos that have been uploaded on our website. they really tell the story as people are staying home, they are playing, and they are creating memories in the blizzard of 2010.  we get mcnally these numbers this instant,
8:28 pm
8:29 pm
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we want to welcome you back and thank you so much for sticking with us for the full coverage of the blizzard of 2010. finally just stopped giving us a break for all of this. but of course, the problems linger on. talking about power outages, streets that have not been plowed yet and just darn right dangerous conditions. we have been making light in this. certainly a serious situation still existing and very much a big part of the area. >> and when you consider, i think if you add them all up, about 175,000 people in our
8:31 pm
viewing area. and that are without power -r. it is certainly very serious. especially when temperatures, they are dropping as low as they are. and let's check in with them and to talk about just how low they will go. >> thinking about single digits. we're really getting close in a lot of areas, for the big storm now, pulling out of town, giving you a last look at it. what a history maker this has been. with some amazing stats to share with you, as now some of the climate areas are being taken and the numbers are just unbelievable. but there it goes, folks. no more flakes at the beaches -f -fp the winds will settle down as the big storm departs. truly, we were ground zero for the biggest snow on the east coast this year and so far this season, quite frankly. and let's talk about something that, you know, looking towards the touch just a little bit -- towards the future just a little bit. we will not feature at lot of sunshine. 29 degrees tomorrow. but the winds shouldn't be terrible. the sun will be out and the photo opportunities will abound. and monday 3-rbgs 3 degree --
8:32 pm
33 degrees. tuesday, 35. might have a little mix late at night and on into wednesday, we'll continue to watch that for you. wednesday's temperatures, 34. so it is going to be a while before you melt this down. but frankly, that's the way that we need to roll on this one, a slow meltdown and a huge amount of the liquid for them that are locked up in that snow pack. check out the temperatures right now, 16 at gaithersburg. 12 in manassas and 21 at dulles. 28 at annapolis. wind chills, not horrendous. that windchill at three in manassas. i want to read something just put out by the national weather service. and 32.4 inches was recorded at dulles. that's in the last two days. and that had exceed the previous record had is the big storm of the blizzard of 1996. and that two-day total was 23.2. so unbelievable number there is. almost 10 inches greater. and new records at vwi, the 24.8 inch two-day storm total
8:33 pm
that is estimated today at baltimore, washington, international. those records go back to 1871. you might have heard the governor, martin o'malley, calling this the 100--year-old storm. but the rest of us are not far behind. and that let's hope we don't have another one for them this winter. >> we were looking at future cast with you. and it looks like tuesday into wednesday, we might be getting something. any idea what it is looking hike at this point? >> a lot smaller than this one. i would say, you know, when the reason that you don't hear the forecasters, giving the amounts too far out is because it's so changeable. they are almost golden anymore in the 24-hour time frame. but it this far out, we'll give you the prognostication and people need to hear something so
8:34 pm
they are not too alarmed. as we eyeball ited today on the sat -- eyeball it today on the tuesday and wednesday storm, it looks like a few inches might be on the order of four to six. but i say that with great hesitation, because i'm not somebody that believes in putting the numbers out too early. but making an exception in this case because i know that people are worried about it. it looks like it could mix with the sleet and that could keep some of the totals down too. and that won't look like the setup for the major snow, but certainly, it'll be highly annoying. that's on the tuesday, wednesday time frame. we're hearing a lot about it i the chat rooms on our chat. still going strong with a few hundred people, still talking about the weather in there and their area. if -rz and you could still log on -- and you can still log onto that and answer your questions. >> all right. thank you. we want to pass along a programming note. at this time betwn 8 and 10, of course, it was the budweiser shootout for you nascar fans. we have just put it over to our sister station here, my 20.
8:35 pm
again, the budweiser shootout, airing 8-10 on my 20. >> from the racetrack to metro we go. roby chavez out there to tell us the latest about those conditions, roby? >> reporter: good evening. how are you doing? the news in the hour in case you're going out on a saturday night or you're out and about and want to get back home, metro will be closing at 11. d that means you will need to cast your last time because it will shut down here. metro has been a god send for a lot of people. getting around, running services. only underground today, because they could not run services aboveground. take a look here. i want to show you the conditions outside of the metro station for them and they have come by here with the snow blower. it's pretty clear and accessible for folks that are walking around through this area. and they could get on and off to metro, relatively quickly. and metro says that they will close tonight at 11.
8:36 pm
that's because metro employees are having trouble like most of us who are working in this, getting back and forth to their jobs and back and forth at home safely. so out of respect to their employees and out of the abundance of the caution, they will shut it down at 11 and so employees could get safely ho and they al want to return to work tomorrow because they know more folks will be out and about tomorrow. at it had point, the aboveground metro has not been running for most of the day. and metro says that the ridership has been fairly low for most f the day. so they feel confident that they are sending it back and that it won't be that much of the inconvenience for them and that most people should be out there anyway. but if you're going out there tonight, shutting down at 11. >> and in the morning. and thank you for that. we do want to get more details for them on the metrobus services. what they need to look like and i'm sure thatsome offices and the businesses, that sort of thing will be reopening for them on monday, and the road conditions for them and how people will get around for them and the city and probably in
8:37 pm
the metropolitan region. let's get an update. looking ahead for tomorrow. kathy posada joins us live on the phone. >> good evening. how are you? >> thank you for joining us. give us the outlook for the next couple of days. when do you expect the bus services to roll out aboveground train services as well? >> okay. i can tell you that as they reported, we're closing tonight at 11 p.m. on the rail system. they plan to open the underground only at 7 a.m. on sunday. and we will not have any metrobus or the exit services available for them on sunday. and that's because of the road conditions that they have been reporting all day about how bad it is and outside, and simply not staying with us on the vehicles on the roadways for them. we will be monitoring the road conditions and the weather conditions for them all day and to make a decision for them. as the conditions, they improve, we'll start to restore services. >> kathy, one of the issues with the aboveground train services is one of cars, i
8:38 pm
understand, once you get to a certain level of snow, it starts to enter a power. what can you tell us about that? >> right, it will get to six to eight inches of the snow coverable of the third rail. that third row is where the trains pick up the electricity to move. >> all right, kathy, thank you for joining us tonight here on fox 5. >> you know what we're talking about, transportation and possibly having problems getting to places. i want to give one quick update here. the county public schools are announcing that they will be closed on monday and tuesday. so there's one school district closing down the anticipation that the cleanup and the digging out is going to take quite some time. >> we expect more schools to report tomorrow. one of the issues is, you can imagine these side streets. they certainly don't want a little kid walking in the street. they don't want buses to have to navigate as well. with the temperatures dropping as low as they are, they just become an icy mess. >> yes, better safe than story, absolutely. >> okay, we're going to take a
8:39 pm
break. we'll be back right after this. we're the watchful ones. we like to know where things stand. we keep a close eye on what we have and what we spend. suntrust would like to applaud our solid financial ways. now when you pay your bills online you'll not only gain more control of your money, you can also earn up to one hundred and fifty dollars. find out more at live solid. bank solid. suntrust.
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8:41 pm
welcome back. a live look outside right now at the cleveland park of metro station. again as we just reported, metro service, underground trains, only piecing tonight at 11. again, underground, metro train service. stopping in our region. as you know if you have been watching much of our coverage. our coverage has been interactive. we certainly have the crews stand out across the region. but we have been telling the story, via where are photos that you're uploading here. we are glad to share your wonderful pictures. showing you the memories in the snow in >> that is what it really is. as you drive by the city, again, walking through the city, you know, you see the families
8:42 pm
taking the photos. you don't get a storm like this thank goodnd. >> right. >> let's go down to foxlive in the web center who is monitoring some of the information coming into the website. >> and you guys are exactly right. that is exactly what it is. a way to remember this. i tonight think that you'll be able to forget this storm here in 2010, the blizzard. but there are people out there all weekend long. we have over 1.65 million page views, yes, that's over 1 million page views. that is all from today. if you go there rig now to our home page, you can see it, again, talking about you stream all weekend long, really revolutionary, the way we are covering this blizzard. you can click on any of those and find out what's going on in those particular areas. via maryland, dc. you c click over here on the more streams tab and that will
8:43 pm
open up all the streams that have been down loaded on our website as of right now. and you can see the list as it goes. and right now, the live picture that you're seeing, it was from the street downtown. that's the one that we're featuring. one every hour. but again, if you do not have the capabilities, you don't have a camera that you can do this, what you have been doing all weekending long at the web center. and you can see one of the most famous ones, one of the favorite ones today. and they are the ones with the pets, right? and that is a donkey in the snow. they are coming in from all areas around the region, all daying long. there's a cat right there. somehow, they are making your way through the snow. very funny, very cute. and we are encouraging more and more of these. this is a way like you said, you can imagine the blizzard of 2010. that dog right there is watching tony perkins do the weather this morning in the red tie. so again, we're still getting
8:44 pm
in more and more. there it is right there. you can see it. getting in more and more photos still tonight. again, if you want to do that you stream. all you have to do is send that to us and to and you can see that it still looks like many cars. >> hey dave. >> yes? >> how easy is it to upload these videos? i'm not technically, you kno what do you call it, savvy? >> yes. >> i just learn how to use my new blackberry. but how easy is it for someone to upload their pictures? >> very easy. if you go to the home page, you will see, again, if you click on your live web cams, right there. okay, it'll basically tell you, everything that you need to do. if you follow the steps, you're going to set it up. it's a free account. via live stream. and they will give you a url. you send that url of your you stream out there. and that's how these people
8:45 pm
have been able to be interactive with us and basically give us, there it is right there. you can see the account. once you log spoon that free account. you'll be up and ready to go if you have a web cam. and you can then send it to our website. we have over 40 different people from around the region, basically acting as reporters if you will, giving us the different vantage points from all around the region. it's been great. again, we couldn't have done it without you guys all weekend long, giving us the great vids from anywhere is and wherever. really, again, dave sent in a picture earlier today. we can do that too. >> yes. >> i heard you say that earlier. >> all right, thank you. live in the weather center. let's turn to a more serious note. out making calls all daying long. we spoke to them here the spokes person earlier about the church collapse. we have the firefighters, the sniffer dog, sort of searching the perimeter out there in the
8:46 pm
northeast. thank goodness they didn't find anybody in there. no one inside. but it looks like a total loss. checking back with pete and to find out what kind of calls they are experiencing now. can you hear us? >> yes. how are you doing? >> good evening. >> kel us, what kind of calls are you seeing tonight? >> well, you know, we actually see the sunset, they stopped snowing, all the sun going down and the skies cleared up. but they continue to be there. and we have, you know, brought in a lot of additional researches throughout the day and into what we have deployed, all of the available resources for them such as the reserve apparatus. really doubling up on our shifts of the personnel. but we continue to have problems getting around some of the streets at one point, that we had almost 90% of our resources deployed in one way or another, without half of those units that are having the difficulty and the negotiations for them. and hankfully, you know, to the good neighbors that you heard to give us a push for them and a couple of inches.
8:47 pm
we had a call with the rescue squad and they were in route to a roof collapse in the capitol hills area. and they came across a pretty serious flier in the 1300 block of t street in the southeast. and they actually rescued a couple of people, all three people are doing well, but they have been hospitalized and so there were some really tense moments there for a while. but it all ended up pretty good. >> do we know what the cause of that fire was? >> i have not heard, will. but it was a pretty significant fire. of course, it was still snowing at that time. but you know, we didn't get any calls on them. the 911 calls for the fire trucks. and that you just happened to come aross it, unfortunately. and probably, that meant some lives were saved that they did rescue the elderly woman and the female for them that they had a sprinkle down. and this is a rescue squad. they don't typically carry water. so they did not have the water for a little while. they had to affect the rescues
8:48 pm
without them for the rose line. and so again, i think that it is fortunate for the residence and several neighbors that had to be pulled out of the building as well. >> okay. >> i'm sorry to interrupt you, but i just wanted to chime in with something. earlier, you had been telling people, at least i had heard. but officials were telling people that they are clearing away snow. and some around the fire hydrant so they could really see them when they came up on the scene not to struggle to find where it was in any particular neighborhood. >> okay, thank you so much for bringing that. >> that's true. even when the plows go by, they tend to plow that out there. and that's very important to us. and you know, unfortunately, we found a few cases today where people were traveling out there andthey had some health issues. in fact, i believe that they had that back and they did not survive. if you're not healthy or up to it. we're certainly not asking them to do that. but if you're out shoveling your driveway and sidewalk, there is a fire hydrant nearby. please, discuss several around there.
8:49 pm
that it to be very careful. you know, we had a couple of people trapped. not by the fire, but so be much snow on the front porch. they couldn't get out. make sure you take a look at that, okay if many and they offered the front steps for them and to geout and to help us out as well. >> all right, with the dc fire and ems, thank you for that screw up date. we'll be checking both with you and during the course of the newscast, only from 11:30 for the update and they need to be capable. we thank you for that. >> all right, fairfax county, with the fire and the ems crew. dan, i understand that your folks that are working on the active fire in falls church? >> yeah, actually, we have something up in the norfolk area near great falls. it's the two-story family home. presenting a critical challenge for firefighters. and that home has a driveway out there, 30 inches of snow out there. the good news is, both of them are in the house.
8:50 pm
and we were able to escape and we've got them in the back burner for the ambulance right now. >> is this an estate home right now? >> it's a fairly large home. the two-story home that, you know, the reports were fired through the roof. and we do have firefighters up near the house, but you know, it's a walk-in. they had to walk up there we had several vehicles stuck. but we have plows that are there now from the water authority that are helping us out and to get apparatus into that praise there. so they will get the water on the spot. >> the reason why i asked that, i would imagine that it is an awful lot of hose that will need to be strong. do you bring the water trucks up? do you have them available? >> yeah, actually, we have that task force that is there. again, with the challenge that is giving the apparatus for them. and in a place where you can get to the fire about 30
8:51 pm
inches of snow there as well, and fairly new, the narrow driveway. an incredible area for them. and onto the air pack for them and that it was 40,000 to 50,0 equipment for them and with the hose. we've got both the occupants handling out there as well. you know, they in good shape. >> with the fairfax county fire ems and you're right. good news there for them and you're out. sounds like your firefighters certainly have your work cut out for them. thank you for joining us. >> all right. we want to give you one quick programming note for those of you that might be tuning in and wondering where your regular programming was, the budweiser shootout, we have put that to my sister station. that will run and started at 8:00 and it will end at 10 tonight. if you're interested in watching the bud riser -- budweiser shootout, that has been moved to our sister station. our continuing coverage of the blizzard 2010 continues right after this. i love winter.
8:52 pm
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and put your business on the map. welcome back to our coverage of t blizzard of 2010, looking now to a live picture of wilson boulevard, looking darn white and deserted which is a good thing. we have been asking folks to stay off the road. emergency crews say that would really help them out to get the votes cleaned out. and the folks on wilson boulevard, paying attention and helping those guys out just a bit. >> it looks like a ghost town there. lindsay murphy looking to find someone to talk to at north west washington, who do you have, lindsay is in >> reporter: i have billy and his dog, angus. out taking a walk on this lovely evening. their house is about as cold out here. >> real cold. have not had any power. >> what are you doing to stay warm? do you have a fireplace at least? >> well, we're getting ready to tuck in, but we've got a fireplace and we've been okay and a gas stove. so at least we can cook some food. >> you have been in this area
8:55 pm
for about 18 years. is this the most amazing thing that you have seen? >> yes, far and away. the biggest snowstorm, actually, kind of nice. seeing everything light and quiet out there without power, no computers, no tv. so everybody is playing games together. it's good. >> kind of a shock, isn't it? a lot of people are used to playing their ps3s or being on facebook or something. a little bit of a shock to the system. and they have been walking around, wh are the conditions like for them on the streets? hold on, we're tied up. we're coming back. angus wants to get going. i'll let you guys go, thank you for your time, i appreciate that. >> that was billy and angus, very nice for them to take some time.
8:56 pm
i want to point something out, they have plowed this whole area, not plowed, but shoveled this whole area for us. look how deep the snow is. it's coming up, pretty much to my thigh. and some of it is even deeper as you go farther down. sof snow out here. 17 to 26 inches, and it does not even seem like enough. it had seems like a lot more than that. and back to you guys. >> all right, lindsay, i know that those of us that have been outside and those people venturing out, they are definitely seeing a thin layer of ice. is that what you're seeing now that they have shoveled that path for you? >> yes, absolutely. a couple of degrees since the last ten hours, just a few moments ago. it was slippery then, just a little worse. but the sidewalks, they are even better than what the streets will be. >> and a lot of folks, whoever shoveled, your sidewalks would come to your neighborhood and do theirs. talk about the snow, is it really starting to crystallize and freeze over? >> it is kind of fluffy. i was a little disappointed. but all i have is powder to
8:57 pm
throw at you guys tonight. yeah, it's pretty when you see the light on it. iwill be a lot harder in the morning i'm sure. >> are you still seeing a lot of people on the roads along with the two weather mans that you do out there walking around? >> and that they will not be caught running in this type of weather. but really, it has quieted down a lot, no cars on the road. >> it is amazing in the middle of the blizzard. >> and yeah, you get that cool air in there. >> some people, they are really dedicated. lend fay murphy -- lindsay murphy. >> you went to the gym, didn't you? >> believe it or not, lindsay, i'll say good-bye to you. believe it or not, the gym was crowded. i think that people, they are just stir crazy. what do i do? i happened to live in a neighborhoowith a gym nearby. >> just wanting to get out a
8:58 pm
little bit. all right, we're going to take a quick break. our coverage continues right after this.
8:59 pm
we go through em all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines. revealing the stories and dramas --
9:00 pm
the victories and challenges -- that help us go through new doors of our own. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg. welcome back to our continuing coverage. we are now in the umpteenth hour of the snow coverage. we are so glad you are staying with us. you are looking at i-95. probably one of the better shots we have seen. it looks like road crews are really king an impact as we speak. so there you go. >> we'll go downstairs to sioux -- i have been thinking about this and one way aig can pay us back is hiring snow plows and fanning out and doing the due
9:01 pm
diligence. >> this is why you are well on your way of becoming the dean -- i crown you. that's a great idea. >> you guys know brendan owe owe conle. there were some huge totals in maryland. we want to give you a look at what is going on. flakes have stopped flying. skying are clearing. we wanted to show you our entire storm as we watched it begin yesterday and pivot and pull out to sea. some of the wraparound snow was mighty heavy and it added to our huge totals. 17.8 at reagan national. dulles getting 32.4.
9:02 pm
the greatest snowfall ever -- they have only been deeing track out there for a short time. it is pulling out to sea. there is another look at it. ocean pines in ocean city, 8-10 inches of snow. unbelievable. a couple of things you need to know as we continue to follow our blizzard of 2010 and the aftermath of it as we go through the night and skies clear, it is getting cold very quickly. we are forecasting single digits and teens for overnight low temperatures as cold as 12 degrees here in the district. the snow pack will harden. i typed this in and lindsay showed this, but it will harden by morning. anything that has been shoveled off, watch for that to get a little icy as our temperatures drop and things refreeze a bit. >> the sun is back tomorrow and that will be a sight for alot of sore eyes and a pretty
9:03 pm
magnificent photo op. thank you all so much for your unbelievable reporting to us via e-mail and live web chat that is still going on on my fox dc. com. it's 24 in baltimore. there was mixing to our south and east. charlottesville and fredericksburg and southern maryland had a number of hours of sleep which cut down some of your big totals. for tonight, clearing skies. we talked about the fact that the suburbs will fall into the single digits, 12 degrees downtown. we are getting a little path in the wind department. out of the nest 10-15. that's not bad. sometimes in the wake of these storms, the gusts can continue, but this thing is moving out quickly. the storm will take the big windfield with it. a few clouds, mostly sunny day. 29 for most areas, wins out of
9:04 pm
the at five to 10-miles per hour. a quick look at the temperature trend. 33 on monday, tuesday, 35 and wednesday, 34, so it is a slow melt down. let me show you some beautiful video that robby chavez and his photographer had earlier, some of these birds trying to find a place to settle in during the snowstorm. they will need a little extra help. i'll tell you i'm a huge bird lover and animal lover and the order of things i bought to get ready for the storm, cat food, bird food, husband food -- birds will need some bird seed. i'll be shoveling a place where they might be able to get out a little seed. i know you are going to make fun of me, brian, but i feel bad for these guys. most of their ground will be covered for a long time and it
9:05 pm
will be a difficult process for them to find food. please help out these critters. help out the wildlife. i think the little critters out there need help. >> did you guys get this map together, yet of where the bulls eye was? >> i want to correct something i said earlier. when we were talking about the snow totals at reagan. they reported 17.6 inches. that was a mistake in reporting. they got a two-day total of 17- point. eight or nine yesterday and eight or nine today. it officially comes in at 17.8 and not the 25 that i reported earlier. i think we are all tired.
9:06 pm
things are ready to roll, right? >> i asked gary and i have have to ask you. sunday morning quarterbacking -- >> can i brag a little bit? >> sure. >> we had a bet here, tony, gwen and tucker and did i miss somebody? gary and sue all had a little wager on what the snow total would be at reagan and i won. i said 17 inches and you know what i'm getting? >> what? >> a panini. >> i think gary is right, i'm shocked that some of the high no totals, 35 and 40-inchers that we are seeing. the brendan o'connell reports. when we look at these, we take
9:07 pm
into account the climatology of this area and we go back into the snow records and factor that into the forecast we put out. initially, we said 16-22 and tony and tucker bumped it up. you get to a certain number and at some point, it's just really kind of splitting hairs. it outperformed our expectations. i do hope we gave you the perception this was going to be a big deal you had enough notice to get ready. i think we recovered from this one faster even though was a bigger storm. >> reagan national is a
9:08 pm
horrible place to measure stuff. >> you don't know the can of worms that is. that's a hot bed of controversy, people wish it wasn't measured there, because first of all, it's close to the river and they wish that there it was another location actually in dc that wouldn't have potomoc water and things affecting it. people don't like the fact that it makes it seem like we don't get our fair share of snow in the record books. >> you had institutional knowledge. >> the mew bis went under me. i was the one that went over. gary, what was your prediction? i don't mean to rub it in. i hope we don't have to bet on
9:09 pm
another storm, but if we do, i'm going to take the stakes way higher. . all right, thank you, sue. >> we want to tell you about this. you are getting the new word about a road closure, canal road. closed for crews to remove a downed tree. canal road closed overnight and into tomorrow morning for crews to remove a downed tree there. if you are looking to get around the metro, we want to remd you, metro is closing tonight at 11:00 p.m. metro service, train shutting down at 11:00 p.m. buses have not been running all day. it will be quite awhile before that service is resumed. plus, the train service, only underground service resuming tomorrow at 7:00 am. shutting down tonight at 11:00 p.m.
9:10 pm
, resuming at 7:00 am. >> want to go outside to northwest dc, karen has been following an accident at a church. there were initial concerns about a gas leak, ruptured gas line. this has been an all-day event, kare >> reporter: brian, it has. it's a little weird out here. firefighters are all gone. washington gas crews not here. dc police cruiser right here, the only thing on the scene that is an indicator that something really terrible happened here and it happened right here. that is joshua's temple first born church or what's left of it. it's a very old building, designated a historic landmark here in the dean woods community. the accident, as you mentioned, did rupture a gas line, but the congregation is happy no one was killed or injured here. a look around to see if
9:11 pm
anyone was inside of joshua's temple when the roof fell in. fortunately, the church was empty. a man visiting his brother next door heard the roof collapse. >> i heard asking go kaboom, boom and i figured it had to be something pretty large. >> reporter: neighbors stopped by to gawk. the church's pastor and founder said is he looking forward, not backward. >> last two snowstorms, we had service. actually, the guys were ready to dig out for service tomorrow, so we are grateful to god that it didn't happen when someone was in there and there is no loss of life. >> reporter: a strong smell of gas brought washington gas crews to the scene. the gas line ruptured was buried in the rubble. they had to dig a hole to cut off gas to the church. this wasn't the only area roof collapse. busy firefighters were summoned
9:12 pm
to the 3400 block of 10th street northeast, a sturdy looking brick rowhouse. >> i heard creeing and a big crash sound. from the crash sound, it kind of woke me up and basically i never expected this to happen. >> reporter: they had to shore the home up with wooden beams. the homeowner was grateful. here's another trouble we have been running into all over town. downed tree branches. this stuff is heavy and the weight of it is causing these branches to fall down just about every place we have been. this is georgetown, we have seen it all over foggy bottom. it's a problem. busy day for firefighters, busy day for snow plows, the brought some of his deputies to survey the scene at the church. they say they are all over the
9:13 pm
snowstorm, clearing out the snow, setting up warming centers for people without power. conflicting advice on how to deal with the possible roof collapses. some city offials have told us that you should get up on your roof and your decks because the snow is heavy and get it off. others have told us don't bother to do that because of the danger of slips and falls, so i guess you will have to decide on that. karen gray houston, "fox 5" news. >> all right, karen, good news there. we are glad this is coming to a safe end, as safe as can be. >> we have karen leblanc. she's with d d.o.t. what's the situation at canal road? >> reporter: we have two very large trees that have fallen across the roadways. we had to shut down the road to remove the tree. we can't get in there safely
9:14 pm
until the morning. it's quite a large job. it there take five or six hours. it's t safe. trees are pulling down on power lines and we are afraid there could be another incident. we needed to shut down the road completely, get in there in the morning, clear the trees out and we'll reopen it as soon as we can. >> is there as alternate route that has been set up, right now? >> there is, mcarthur boulevard and use it, a parallel street to canal road so that's an alternate people can use. >> reporter: how are the roads going clearing wise? we have seen from our reporters that the main roads look pretty good. secondary roads are doing okay and there are, of course, a lot
9:15 pm
of those roads that have not seen a plow at all. >> that's, we started to do some rallel work there friday night. but it started to come in so fast, we had to focus on the major routes. plows and our emergency crews, now that the snow has finally stopped, we can start hitting those residential streets quickly. we are going to focus very quickly on the major routes still get them -- down into the residential streets because that allows people to get around. personnel to get around, but it allows us to get to the residential streets. >> reporter: realistically, when can someone living in dc expect to see a plow come down their road? let's say northeast, when can you expect a plow come down
9:16 pm
your street? >> potentially, early this morning, all day tomorrow, monday and tuesday. we'll try our very best to get to everything we can no later than monday, but it's really depending on how low the temperatures go at night, if there is any refreezing that occurs. if we have to go back out on major routes. our goal is to get into those streets and clear them out as quickly as we can. >> all right, karen leblanc thank you for the updates. >> let's go to robby chavez. >> reporter: as karen was just talking, a few of the big snow plows with d d.o.t. came here on connecticut avenue. the page streets like connecticut have been cleared for most of the day and luckily, tonight, alot of the traffic has died down, so, that's allowing those crews to
9:17 pm
do it. we have managed to go to some of the side streets. they are simply a mess. people can't get out, their cars are buried. it looks like a landscape. she was talking about some of the trees that went down. we wanted to show you some of the small trees. this is a very, very small tree. look at how the snow is sitting on these branches. this is not just snow, it's a snow and ice mixture and it weighs very heavy on these rnches. we have seen some of these trees split down the middle. another part of the tree going another way. that's the serious situation with a lot of 0 those trees, not only a problem for power lines, but if you are out and about walking around your yard, keep an eye to the sky because the branches are falling down. on the lighter side of that, a lot of fun to be had with the snow. i'm standing here in ankle deep snow. there are alot of places for folks to make snowballs.
9:18 pm
there was an opportunity in dupont circle. this was billed as a giant snowball fight. it was intense. these were some serious snowball fighters. word got out on the internet on facebook and craigs list. meet at demonth circle and they did and in fact, it shut traffic down around dupont circle. if you are driving around in a car, you got pelted with the snowballs. a lot of folks had a simple strategy. gather as many snowballs as possible and throw and throw and throw. it came down to who wanted to maintain control of the fountain and a very lucky few managed to stay there and held control of the fountain. it died down about 5:00, this afternoon. so but for five hours, an
9:19 pm
intense snowball. i want to point you over across the way here, karen gray houston was showing the church with the roof problems. this shopping center, here, you can see the roof piled on top of it is this huge mounds of snow and ice and simply coming down in large chunks and it's falling down to the lower side of it, there, that little oftenning there now covered much more heavily than it was earlier. some of these structures are not going to be able to support it for much longer. we imagine the problems will continue. you mentioned metro closing down at 11:00. normally, they close down at 3:00. tonight, they are closing down at 11:00 because they are having problems getting their employees ack and forth. they say ridership has been down. barely 27,000 passengers on a normal saturday, they have 300 thousand. so they say the inconvenience of shutting it down was minimal. it was helped by the fact that
9:20 pm
they canceled the game at the verizon center. at 11:00, it will be shutting down. some of the last rides shoulding going around in the next hour. >> was there an median age to that snowball fight? i fail to see the fun in being doused in snow in your face? >> reporter: i was a bit grumpy when i came in. i have been nursing a cold and i did not want to get out. i started grumpy at 45 and when i left, i was 15 and frisky. some people did get a little carried away as some people will do. but it was honest fun. a lot of people were having that fun. so much energy being built up as you are sitting inside for hours and hours and watching the snow fall and you have to have to get out. dupont circle, a gathering place for many political and
9:21 pm
social issues, today, it was just pure fun. >> i hate to bring this up, but no one brought a gun. he we want to take to you break at this live look at georgetown. join us right after this break, we'll be right back. 
9:22 pm
we're the watchful ones. we like to know where things stand. we keep a close eye on what we have and what we spend. suntrust would like to applaud our solid financial ways. now when you pay your bills online you'll not only gain more control of your money, you can also earn up to one hundred and fifty dollars. find out more at live solid. bank solid. suntrust.
9:23 pm
take a look at montgomery counties. roads look pretty good. traffic lights are still going.
9:24 pm
plows had gone through the major roads and tried to do one line. has that changed? >> right now, i'm actually looking at a plowed train going southbound on i-95 up near hanover maryland. we have a section of i-95 closed to do just that to get the multiple lanes open. it's a detour. we are making some great progress. but it's very important for people to realize that we need to be out on the roads. we will stay out there all night. this is the type of thing that is probably not going to be wrapped up. it will go into next week
9:25 pm
before you get some normalcy there. we encourage people to stay inside. >> the instate is being worked on. are you getting to any of the secondary roads? >> we are trying to get to the transitional areas. that's where we are going to have some problems, trying to get all of the lanes open on the interstate. some of the snow might have been pushed over on the interchanges, which could narrow some of the ramps and transitional points. use the extra caution if you do have to go out. the word for today, stay inside and enjoy the warmth of your homes and let us get inside and handle the roads. >> beltway, 295, 50. any trouble spots you are having? >> i'll tell you, probably some
9:26 pm
folks that are sitting near the wilson bridge on northbound 95. we had a plow train organized and go through there. that's essential in clearing large amounts of snow from the highway. as far as conditions, we are rying to get lanes passable. the temperature is well below freezing. so the roads have become very icy later on. that's why we want people to stay inside and stay out on the highways and let us get in there and begin treating them. get the snow moved and put salt down to get in there and start lting the ice. >> your crews are doing a phenomenal job out there.
9:27 pm
>> we'll be right back. i love winter. with my subaru forester and its all-wheel drive... ... handling even the toughest conditions... is just another day at the beach.
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9:29 pm
the great digout, going to begin any second now, it it hasn't already. >> you are taking a live look at tyson's corner. this looks to be a gas station. trucks there, maybe gassing up. it's not looking good. snow is stopped, but things certainly not pretty. >> let's go down to sue. i cass mentioning i was able to get out and dust off my car for the third time, today. the true joy of the snow is that once you get all of it off, you have this nice layer of ice on your window. >> i did the same thing before
9:30 pm
our shift started huffily around the noon hour. i think i removed this much snow off my blizzard mobile. i found the big layer of ice and i said "i'm get it later tonight." how much snow was on your vehicle? >> this was my third time. i did it this morning at 11:00. i just went out about an hour ago and i had probably another six inches. >> i brought a broom in just for this occasion so i could get that huge player of snow that everybody is going to have if you park your vehicle outside and you have to get that off because not only does it blind the people behind you, but it also blinds you. i can remember some of this sliding forward, so i got the top off, but i didn't realize i was looking at another six inches out there. >> we want to talk about some of the snows that we have seen so far and the very important fact that our temperatures are
9:31 pm
really dropping throughout almost this entire snowstorm last night, temperatures stayed right around 30 degrees, but we are going down to 12 degrees tonight and all of this huge snow pack is going to get a lot harder. dulles, 32.4 inches. that is a new record for dulles exceeding the previous two day storm record set in the blizzard of '96. annan dale -- lots of big time records set with this storm. riverdale, maryland -- alex andre' ya', virginia -- we mentioned reagan at 17- point. --
9:32 pm
guy you, you remember last winter, we had 7.5 inches of snow. we have not had 10 inches of snow in three winters, now we are looking at these huge jackpot totals. laurel, maryland -- clinton, maryland, 20 inches. now, we focus on temperatures and they continue to really settle in. little warmer on the other side of the eastern shore. we certainly had much higher winds and blowing of the snow eo see your temperatures hanging in there a little bit. it does appear that we look toward the remaining weeks of winter that we are going to be looking at a bit of a cold pattern setting up. the jet stream will start to take that dip over the next few weeks. some cold air will be available as the jet stream ushers that
9:33 pm
back into the picture and, of course, we already know we have had a very active southern branch of the jet stream, courtesy of el nino. so, we'll be watching these patterns, but the southern track still remains active. a little cold air in place. we have a little snow to talk about tuesday night and wednesday. nothing even closely resembling what we are talking about here. we'll keep it posted as that develops, but we want to get you ready for the fact that the next two weeks looks like we'll be trending colder, still february. february typically a snowy month in this area. we got that started off with a bang. >> sure have. i don't want to talk about it, but you mentioned something might be coming down the pike in a few days. don't want to alarm anybody, but we have to talk about it at some point. >> gary and i will talk about it a little more. we can tell you what we are thinking. we are hoping it doesn't have a coastal component to it. we are thinking this is
9:34 pm
something where we have to chase the temperature alittle more, which means more of a mix of rain and snow, maybe sleet mixing in. not all tuesday, but tuesday night and into wednesday on the order of we hope just a few inches of snow, unfortunately, when it's saturday and you are talking about a storm that will be primarily experienced, you are making a mistake to try to pin down those numbers this far out. but i'm almost making an exception as we get closer and closer because i want to make sure 2003 are not alarming people. right now, we are thinking it will be on the order of a few inches, but stay tuned. we'll updates awe new information comes in. >> you know, we work in a visual medium and video is able to do a lot of things, still pictures, able to take things and give it a whole new context, able to focus on some of the details. as we go to break, take a look
9:35 pm
at a slide show put together on my fox dc. com. 
9:36 pm
9:37 pm
with the still pictures, it captures the moment. captures the kiddie, the pets. >> rj has been in our web center. monitoring all of those pictures that you have been sending in. we do have some new stuff
9:38 pm
coming in, today. to my fox dc. com. you are familiar with the home page by now, we have had 1,000,200 thousand page views that have happened today. a lot of people have been on our website. one very cool thing we have not showed you yet today. this comes to us from jack swayze in arlington. this is time lapsed video from when the snow began, all the way through. jack did this. it's posted on our website. if you go to the local chat of our home page. this is in arlington, virginia, the way it has looked over the last almost 36 hours or so to where it is, now. so that's pretty cool video by jack. he has had a streaming camera up for the last 36 hours. we encourage those. it gives us eyes everywhere that we can't always be. so jack this is a time lapse video, all kind says of neat items you can get at my fox dc.
9:39 pm
com. by clicking on the tab and surfing the net on our website. a million people have been doing this. you name it, we have it on there. it's a very, very interactive site. everybody has been interactive with us, helping us cover the snowstorm. just like jack swayze, you can do that. post it on our website and we will get it on as soon as possible. >> are we going to do metro or power? >> power. >> power out ans, which will be probably the beggest part of the story. you see, right there, the big company, pep costruggling to get your power back on. we heard the vast majority, 80,000, were in montgomery
9:40 pm
county. montgomery county pounded by the outages. pg & e-- and do minute on. we spoke with a spokesperson from pepco and they told us to be prepared for this to be a multiday event. obviously, getting to the downed power lines that are in remote areas or tram formers that have bone in your neighborhood, but your road is tough to get down to. you understand how hard it is for you to get out,o imagine people trying to get in and get things up and running. >> as crews come out to assess the damage, they are fixing whatever problem they fine. that's one bit of good news. if you see a pepco crew, they are working to fix the problem, not just assessing it to come back at a later time. >> hov lanes, do not enter, hazardous conditions. we have had word from m d.o.t.
9:41 pm
, v d.o.t. , all the same, essentially, if you have to get out, have you to go somewhere, there is one lane that is essentially plowed and then the rest, you are kind of on your own. they have done their best to make sure you can see pavement on one lane in particular. you kind of get that sense there in the background. at left from m d.o.t. 's perspective, they are trying to widen it out. more widespread, plowing up the roads. obviously, they can't do it quick enough. again, give them a break. if you don't have to be out, let them do their work. take heed of that and be careful when you are out on those roads. >> this is shady grove. things looking good. but stay off the roads if you don't have to be there. >> that is what is happening,
9:42 pm
now, we'll be back on the other side of this break. we're the watchful ones. we like to know where things stand. we keep a close eye on what we have and what we spend.
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you are looking live at tyson's corner. gas station out there. i know our reporter was out there earlier talking about the tyson's corner shopping center shut down because of the weather conditions. not alot of people i that area. which was a good thing because crews needed the light activity to be able to clean out the snow. from the gas station, you can tell they have done some work, but obviously, the snow piles be very high. be careful if you are in that area. >> i want to go out live to lindsay murphy. she is live in dc. >> reporter: i'm doing jumping jacks to get my energy going. i'm on a cry spot.
9:45 pm
which is good news. some workers out here have been putting salt and sand down. not just pure ice as you would expect. where you will find the most ice is out here on the streets, especially wisconsin avenue and main roads, massachusetts avenue, connecticut avenue because us a of these streets have been plowed, there is a really really thin layer of snow and it's only 23 degrees out here. so the thin layer is starting to become very icy. even though you don't see alot of cars on the road, it's very slick. i can tell you i don't even know the last time we saw a snow plow come by, so maybe those guys are getting a little rest. they have been working double and triple time. the sidewalks are starting to clear up a little bit. come tuesday, none of that will matter, but back to you guys. >> all right, lindsay murphy, thank you for that. i know what you mean about the jumping jacks. i was out there, jumping around, doing everything i can to stay warm. >> it's going to get much
9:46 pm
colder, close to the single digits. >> reporter: what have been your main concerns over the last 36 hours? >> keeping folks off the road so crews can do what they need to do. luckily, it has stopped snowing. they are just plowing. we are not putting salt down, it would be a waste. they would push it off use as they go along. >> reporter: your county saw some of the largest snow totals, are people hunkering down? >> reporter: unfortunately, some people had cabin fever
9:47 pm
even as early as 4:00 when i was on the road. it was a little hairy for the drivers to maneuver around those folks. but they have done an excellent job, as well. it's just now -- they are not -- it's late and it's cold, so folks are staying in. it's a lot easier for the trucks to move. >> reporter: do you have a handle on how many power out ans there are in your county and what people are doing to stay warm? >> we have been working closely with the three utility companies and i believe there were as many as 16 earlier and they have it down to approximately 12,000 and we have been working very closely with their crews. we have been making sure the streets are plowed so they can get back and take care of the wires. we had one road closed. springfield road out in the laurel area because of downed wires and heavy trees, so that's something that not only folks, but our crews have to start to look out for because
9:48 pm
the crews are getting heavy, freezing, dropping and knocking down the wire. >> has the county set up any shelters or warming centers for people woe have not been able to get out? >> no, they have not. they have the emergency preparedness office that is open should fks need to report anything, but it is so sporadic and they have not done anything. >> reporter: how quickly do you believe crews would be able to get into the residential streets? >> i would love to say our normal within 12 hours. this is a massive snowstorm for this area. the magnitude is unbelievable. the snow is heavy, wet. it's getting packed. the digits are going to go down very low tonight, so, there is going to be a lot of freezing. i would hope that folks would not expect to see them plow tomorrow or the next day. it's going to take us a good 48 hours before we can get in
9:49 pm
there. thank you, susan. we have been talking about the roads. we want to bring you in on the metro service. those of you -- trains are shutting down at 11:00 p.m. , but they are reopening at 7:00 am. when i say trains, i mean it's the underground service. above ground service has been suspended until they can get out there and service the area that pounded the trains. 11:00 p.m. , underground service, until 7:00 p.m. no bus service until they are able to assess the situation and determine it's safe for the drivers and passengers. >> as we watch this story develop and we have watched the blizzard and today, the digout
9:50 pm
begins, people have been having fun. talking to emergency officials in all reaches of our region, it has become clear that things will not be normal on monday. your road may not be plowed on monday. as you start to look forward to the superbowl and your settling in and kind of regrouping and trying to figure out where to go. keep in mind you are going to have to plan next week. sit down and maybe do some back tracking in your mind about what you have to do and how you are getting to get to where you need to go because buses. they are telling us, maybe monday. you just heard prince george's county saying tuesday maybe and we are getting more snow tuesday. keep that in mind as we go through this weekend. >> we have not even talked about the schools most likely to shut down because the kids cannot get there. the only one i know of. louden county, officially saying they are close on monday and tuesday. i'm sure we'll get a slew of
9:51 pm
the closures monday and tuesday. all right, this is a look at i295 north, traffic moving okay. we'll send to you break, but we have more information for you on this continuing coverage of the blizzard of 2010. hey hi
9:52 pm
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today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes. preparing us for what lies ahead. down our next road. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg. i2955glebe road. looking pretty good. we have been watching the plows, getting through, trying to make it pass be for the coming week. we have on the phone with us. aaa's lon anderson. i know you have been looking at the roads, what's your assessment of what has been happening so far. give us your take on it. >> i think we are making good
9:54 pm
progress, but the thing we really don't want to have happen is that motorists think it's okay and hit the roads in mass. we have a couple of days to clean up. this is a massive storm and we don't have the equipment to handle huge storms like this real quickly. it's going to take a couple of days and the more people we can keep off the roads, the better, pls, t roads will be quite a bit more dangerous than we are used to. on top of that, we have a lot of pedestrians that will be venturing out and unfortunately, the sidewalks are in worse shape than the roads and so, we are going to have alot of cars sharing the roads with a lot of pedestrians with slippery conditions. it's really going to be very challenging for people to stay safe and that's -- so we need them to not drive unless they have to. >> lon, any words of advice for
9:55 pm
people woe are on the roads that have not been touched by snow plows and they have to get to work? >> well, drive gently, you know, the problems always happen when you step on the gas too much or step on the brake too hard or you turn into fast. let's presume the roads will be very slippery and driving gently is the best advice that i tink we can give. make sure your equipment is ready for the trip. please don't venture out if you don't have good treads, if you don't have all weather radials or snow tires on, not open that, but if you get stuck, there is a big ticket waiting for you as long as snow emergency plans are in effect. be sure you have the right equipment. >> we were able to prepare for the storm. would you say that overall, the
9:56 pm
roads as far as what is being done to clear them, they are doing a good job with that? >> it seems like they are doing a reasonable job. my neighborhood just got hit within the last hour and that's as i would have expected, frankly. this is the first day of the storm and they have been working on the major roads and now, they are beginning to get back into some of the community streets and but, it's going to take awhile. we need to have patience, we need to stay off the road to let those clearing those roads be able to do their jobs and get them into safer shape. >> lon, what about people that do have to go out, perhaps for very important reasons and if they get stuck or stranded. who do they call first? you don't want to overload 9-1- 1 and maybe your insurance company can't get to you fast enough. >> if they are aaa members,
9:57 pm
they can call us. we have been, in fact, we have made i think it's about 1,500 calls in the region so far, today, and the majority of them are extricating. the other thing, this is extraordinary driving out there. if you have to go out, we recommend that you carry some things with you to help you extricate yourself, a small snow shovel for example would be helpful. another thing we recommend, a bag of none clumping kitty litter, which you can throw under the tires, basically the same thing that sand does. it really does help you get traction. another thing that we recommend is making sure that you have flares or a triangle or
9:58 pm
something so if you slide off the road, mark your location. >> thank you, lon, great checklist. thank you very much for your time, appreciate it. words of advice from a man who knows the roads in our area. >> that's going to do it for us. we are back at 10:00. hope you stay with us. i love winter. with my subaru forester and its all-wheel drive... ... handling even the toughest conditions... is just another day at the beach. hi, may i help you? yes, i hear progressive has lots of discounts on car insurance. can i get in on that? are you a safe driver? yes. discount!
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